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PicoBong is a modern sex toy brand that offers a wide range of well-designed toys for intense and varied stimulation - all at affordable prices. The products are perfectly sized to fit in your luggage on a weekend trip – whether you're travelling solo or with a partner.

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PicoBong - Colourful and luxurious

Who is behind PicoBong sex toys?

You may not have gotten to know the colourful PicoBong sex toys yet, but no doubt you know who is behind it. The sub brand belongs to the very popular Scandinavian LELO, who specialise in designing tasteful and innovative sexual products. LELO was founded in Sweden back in 2003 and is now one the world’s leading manufacturers of sex toys and lifestyle products. Functionality and originality have always been a top priority with our Nordic neighbour countries, and this can of course also be seenin PicoBong sex toys

LELO produces products for several private label collections from their headquarters in Stockholm and that with good speed, since PicoBong and other sub brands are sold and exported to more than 40 international markets all the way from San Jose across Sydney and to Shanghai. 

The PicoBong products are the perfect place to start if you don’t have much experience within the world of sex toys. The stylish vibrating products ooze happiness, pleasure and play. An who doesn’t want to add some extra spice and colour to their sex life once in a while?

Waterproof vibrations

PicoBong’s products are especially strong in relation to vibration technology, making them perfect if you’re looking for an effective all-around product that can stimulate you both inside and outside. Take the Zizo dildo vibrator: it is perfect for G-spot stimulation because of its curved shape that is designed so it can’t miss that orgasmic spot. It has 12 different levels of vibrations that can easily and quickly be controlled with the buttons on the shaft. Besides that it is both quiet and waterproof, meaning you can enjoy it anywhere you want. 

If you want an even more advanced inner stimulation, then try out the Moka G-spot vibrator. It has a bonus function that makes the vibration pulsate in soft waves back and forth. It also has 12 levels and can be brought in the shower for some fun times with or without a partner. You can add LELO’s prize-winning water-based lube when you play with your PicoBong products. It is allergy friendly and makes the experience much more enjoyable and pleasurable.

PicoBong UK: Anal play and other fun

Are you an experienced sex toy user and want to experiment with anal play, then you can also find vibrators from PicoBong in the UK designed for anal use. Tano 2 is an anatomically designed butt plug with intense vibrations that can be used by everyone. Choose between 12 different vibration functions and tease yourself with mild, strong or pulsating variations until you reach an explosive climax. 

PicoBong’s bestseller for men also deserves to be mentioned. Blowhole is an app-controlled masturbator that takes masturbation to complete new heights. It tickles and teases the penis head and shaft until it is impossible to hold the orgasm back anymore. Enjoy it alone for some fun solo play or with a partner and let them control the vibrations from the app. It offers 6 different levels of vibration patterns that all come with different songs that play as soon as the game begins for an extra stimulating effect. They can of course be turned off or lowered depending on your liking.


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