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Storage & Maintenance
How do I get my product to work?

Tips to help you get started with your product

Below are a few tips on what to do if you have trouble getting your product to work. And remember: We are always ready to help you.

New toys

Always check the following when using your product for the first time:

If the product runs on batteries

- Are the batteries turned the correct way?
- If they are not included with your product, then you need to purchase and place the correct batteries in the product.
- If the batteries are included, there is often a small piece of paper or plastic strip between the battery and battery compartment that prevents it from losing power before you use it. That strip needs to be removed before the product will work. 
- Rechargeable products often have a separate remote control that needs batteries for the product itself to work.

If the product is rechargeable

Have you fully charged the product? As a rule, rechargeable products need to be charged completely before you can use them for the first time.

Does the product have a keylock?

Check the included manual for the product to see whether it has a keylock. It can be turned on by default and needs to turned off before you can use the product.


You can help extend the life-span of your sex toy by regularly cleaning and maintaining it. With most products it is a good idea to clean it with warm water and a sex toy cleaner each time you use it. This also ensures good hygiene.

For most products it is recommended to use lubricant, and for some it is necessary in order to avoid ruining the material. It is generally important to make sure the lubricant is compatible with the material of the sex toy before use.

Products made from a material that imitates real skin, e.g. TPE, need to be maintained with a powder to preserve the material’s soft surface.

Remember to check the products’ manual or read the details on the product page here in the shop to see whether there is something special you need to do to maintain the sex toy.

Older sex toys

When you have received happiness and satisfaction out of your sex toy for a while, it sometimes needs a little first aid help to get started again.

Have you tried changing the batteries in your product?

Oftentimes the product will work again if you try with new and fresh batteries.

Are the batteries turned the correct way?

Many products will either work sporadically or not at all if the batteries are turned the incorrect way. Try and turn the batteries the other direction.

Have you tried charging your product for a minimum of 12 hours?

If your product is rechargeable and doesn’t want to turn on, it could be a good idea to try charging it for 12 hours. This applies to both brand new and unused products, but also toys that worked optimally before.

Have you turned off the keylock?

If your product is rechargeable, there is often a form of keylock that needs to be deactivated before the product can work. How to do so will be written in the included product manual.

My sex toy still won’t work

If none of the above has helped fix your problem, then we are ready to help you. Contact us.

Sinful provides a 6-year warranty (5 years in Scotland), which means that if you discover an issue with a product that you purchased from us, you have the right to file a complaint within 5-6 years of making the purchase. If it has been more than 6 months since you bought the item from us, you may have to prove that the item was faulty when you received it. The warranty does not cover errors, damage or wear caused directly or indirectly as a result of improper operating, lack of maintenance, misuse or unauthorised intervention. See our terms and conditions.

How do I store and maintain my sex toys?

Storage and maintenance of your sex toys

Although it can often be something of a dry affair, we recommend that you always read the user manual when you buy a new product. This will help you get to know your product so that you can get maximum satisfaction from it.

Below are some of the most important general pointers which you ought to keep in mind when it comes to your sex toys.

Cleaning and maintenance

Before using a new product for the first time and after each use, we recommend giving your sex toy a clean using a suitable cleaner intended for this purpose.

Rinse the product in warm water, apply the sex toy cleaner to the product and let it sit for one minute before rinsing away with warm water again. Always leave your product to air-dry after this process.

Our range of cleaning products includes cleaners for all kinds of intimate sex toys, but if you haven’t got round to buying your cleaner yet, you can use a mild soap in the meantime.

For anal sex toys be sure to always use an antibacterial sex toy cleaner such as the ones you will find via the link above.

For sex toys made from PU, leather, metal or for materials which cannot be immersed in water, use a soft, damp cloth or follow the instructions which come with your product.

The vast majority of products should be used together with a generous amount of lubes, and in some cases this will be absolutely necessary so as not to damage the material. 

Before use it is important to ascertain which kind of lube you need for the specific product at hand. 

For example, you must never use a silicone-based lube together with products made of silicone as this can damage the surface of your sex toy. Water-based lubes, on the other hand, can be used together with all kinds of materials. 

Products which have been designed to imitate the lifelike feel of real skin:
Products made from materials which imitate real skin, such as TPE, TPR and PVC, need to be treated using a renewing powder which will maintain the soft surface and suppleness of the material. 

Be aware that the powder will give the surface of your product a matt appearance. If you prefer a clear surface when using the product, simply rinse the powder away with water before use. However, we would recommend that you store the product with the powder on both so that it will last longer and to prevent dust and dirt from sticking to the product when it is not in use.

Products with batteries:
Always remove batteries from the product when not in use. If the product begins to feel overheated, turn it off immediately and remove the batteries. Always dispose of batteries in accordance with current and applicable regulations.

Rechargeable products:
Only charge the product using the charger provided. Unplug the product as soon as it is fully charged. 

If you experience any problems getting your product started, check out our handy tips and tricks.


In order to extend the lifetime of your products and ensure that they do not cause damage to one another, it is important that they are stored correctly.

In general, it is best practice to store products separately. Some products can simply not withstand being stored together as their materials react negatively when they come into contact with one another. 

This applies to the following materials: TPE, TPR, PVC and silicone. Please be aware that improperly stored products will not be covered by the warranty. 

You should therefore take care to always store your sex toys separately from one another. There are a number of different storage solutions available which you can use or alternatively you can quite simply store your sex toys in their original packaging.

Store your products in a dry place at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. 

If the material or surface of a product has become frayed, damaged or otherwise broken, then the product must not be used.

When your product can no longer be used, be sure to dispose of it responsibly. If you are in any doubt as to the correct disposal method, the product can be handed in at an official recycling facility such as a local recycling centre in order to minimise impact on the environment. 

Special considerations

Kegel balls: 
Kegel balls should be used for no more than max 15 minutes per day in order to avoid tense muscles. Use them also to train the muscles in your pelvic floor in order to attain greater sensitivity in the vagina and to prevent incontinence. 

Cock rings:
Cock rings can be used as needed. Avoid stretching them unnecessarily. If the penis becomes sore, miscoloured or otherwise uncomfortable, remove the ring immediately. Never use the product for longer than 30 minutes at a time in order to avoid discomfort. 

Anal use:
For anal sex, only use products which are intended for this purpose; i.e. products with a stopper at the base which ensures the product remains in place.

We recommend using a lube which is specially intended for anal use, as this will ensure the best experience.

Good communication is important so agree on a safe word before getting started and stop immediately as soon as the word is said. When using a whip, paddle or any other device which is used to strike the body or inflict pain, it is important to only hit parts of the body which are protected by muscles or fat such as the thighs or the buttocks. Ropes, cuffs and other restraints should be removed immediately if the restrained body parts become sore, miscoloured or experience any other kind of discomfort. Always ensure that the airways are clear and avoid covering either the nose or the mouth.

The use of sex toys is at your own risk. Neither Sinful nor the distributor assumes any liability for use of the products. Making modifications or changes of any kind, save for those which are expressly approved by the manufacturer, will void the warranty for the product concerned. 

Remember that you are always welcome to get in touch if you would like any help or guidance – we will be more than happy to help!


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