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Tenga Egg Pack
Tenga Egg Pack
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TENGA Egg Pack - Combined Value £26.97
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TENGA Egg Thunder Handjob Masturbator for Men
TENGA Egg Thunder Handjob Masturbator for Men
TENGA Egg Thunder Handjob Masturbator for Men

Tenga Egg Pack

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Product Description

The TENGA Egg Thunder is a fun and genius masturbator for men! Take the egg out of the shell, tilt the included lubricant down the small hole and glide your penis in.

The TENGA Egg Thunder can stretch up to 30 cm in length and fit all penis sizes. You or your partner can hold the tenga in your hand and steer the movement. As one would for a handjob, just with a softer more intense feeling.

The innerside of the Egg Thunder is realistically stimulating and has a structure of ridges and gaps.

When you use your TENGA Egg, you will be fascinated about how this small 6.5 cm egg can stretch up to 30 cm in length. TENGA Eggs comes in different variations, which you can find at sinful.co.uk shop.

The TENGA Egg is the perfect travel toy for the lustful man. And nobody would be able to guess what it is!

Note! A TENGA Egg is designed as a single-use product, but one can use it more than once, if you take good care of it, washing it throughly after use and adding new lubricant. How many times you can use your Tenga Egg will depend on how hard you use your egg. We suggest you insert your penis as far down the sleeve as possible so as not to overwork the outermost part too much.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Medical silicone.
LENGTH: 6.5 cm - 30 cm.
DIAMETER: Up to 15 cm.
FITS ON: All penis sizes.
LUBRICANT: Water-based.
USER GUIDE: English.

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