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Aneros EUPHO SYN Prostate Stimulator
Aneros EUPHO SYN Prostate Stimulator
Aneros EUPHO SYN Prostata Stimulator  1
Aneros EUPHO SYN Prostata Stimulator  2
Aneros EUPHO SYN Prostata Stimulator  50
Aneros EUPHO SYN Prostata Stimulator  100

Aneros EUPHO SYN Prostate Stimulator

3.7 (4)
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Product Description

The new Aneros Eupho Syn prostate stimulator if you are looking for the best in prostate stimulation. With Eupho Syn you get fixed and targeted stimulation with materials of the highest of quality. The small, sturdy frame gives you the firmness needed to achieve prostate orgasm, and the soft silicone surface ensures a smooth and pleasant experience. 

Eupho Syn works without any vibrations and therefore can be used hands-free. Prostate massage happens as your sphincter contracts, and the synergy between Eupho Syn and the manly G-spot is incomparable.  While the stimulator massages you internally, Aneros Eupho Syn spoils you with a new and improved comfort tab. The comfort tab stimulates the perineum, where the nerves that controls erections, orgasms and ejaculation meet, meaning you will enjoy very effective stimulation and even more pleasure. 

Eupho Syn is anatomically correct and small in design, making it a great product if you are only just starting out. 

To enjoy Eupho Syn to its fullest potential we suggest introducing a water-based lubricant to the party. The quality of the prostate massage is based on Eupho Syns' ability to slide easily in the anus, where natural lubricants are not produced. 

Remember to clean your Aneros Eupho Syn after use to maintain good hygiene and have your prostate stimulator ready to go whenever you want to play. Clean your stimulator with warm water and apply an antibacterial sex toy cleaner. 

Included: a stylish red storage bag with a magnetic sealed flap.

Measurement: Eupho Syn is 4.6 inches long, of which max 3.9 inches can be inserted. It has a diameter of 1.3 to 0.9 inch. 

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Solid core covered with silicone.
LENGTH: 4.5 inches.
WIDTH: 0.5 - 1 inch.

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Customer Reviews (4)
Super O

Really comfortable and high quality prostate stimulator, easy to put in place and in a short time, you won’t even notice that there is anything in the backdoor. It takes a little practice to get to the best orgasms, but there is no going back after that. Learn more

5 5 1
Ok but hard to use

It is easy to use and the quality is top notch. However, it takes a lot of experience to get the full benefit. It is related to the relatively modest size as well as small top (head). The contact with the prostate thus becomes a little difficult. However, when you have practised and gained experience, it is absolutely fantastic. Recommended forexperienced users Learn more

5 4 1
Aneros Eupho Syn

Easy to use, good quality. This is probably good but you have to a certain level of experience and strong pelvic muscles for maximum enjoyment. It’s not for beginners. Unfortunately, I did not get any information about this. There are other Aneros for beginners, so check before you buy on Aneros's website and see which one suits you best. Learn more

5 4 1
Too small

I was quite disappointed with this little prostate massager, it is way too small and too expensive. I would buy the Anal Fantasy Classix Prostate Stimulator or similar instead, since it is a little bigger. However, you should visit the Aneros website for instructions on how to use these products. With the right tools and training, you willreach new undiscovered heights with prostate orgasms. I am straight and have recently discovered these products that have given me and my wife immense pleasure in bed. Learn more

5 3 1

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