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Everyone deserves to experience sexual wellness. Satisfyer incorporates groundbreaking technology into their sex toys at accessible prices. The combination of elegant designs and pleasure is in perfect harmony, awarding Satisfyer more than 180 International Design awards.

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Satisfyer has taken the world by storm

Satisfyer Pro - a true bestseller

Over the last couple of years, Satisfyer has taken the sex toy industry by storm. It’s not difficult to understand why though. With their revolutionising and prize-winning products, they have become a major hit among women in no time. Their innovative technology has created an array of toys that are guaranteed to make any woman orgasm. The effective pressure and sound waves indirectly stimulate the clit without it becoming overstimulated and numb. This makes it possible to continue the pleasure for as long as you want. 

One product that has especially made an impact is the Satisfyer Pro 2. It has become a bestseller in record time. With the reasonable price and the immaculate technology, Satisfyer Pro has become one of the most popular sex toys for women on the market. 

The one thing that some people are often unsure about is whether to go with a Womanizer instead. It can be difficult to choose since they have a lot of the same functions. The most noticeable difference is the price, where Womanizer is more expensive. 

A world of pleasure with Satisfyer clit suction

Even though Satisfyer Pro 2 is the most famous product in the collection, there are also other models that deserve a lot of recognition. Take the Pro Deluxe Next Generation for example. Here you get 11 different and silent vibration patterns as well as a beautiful design. 

With Satisfyer clit suction technologies, you can even try products that are meant to stimulate both parties in a couple. The Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples vibrator is a great example of this. It has two engines, where one stimulates the clit with air pressure waves and the other creates unique vibrations that can be felt by both people involved. This will definitely create an exciting and intimate experience for both parties. 

The Satisfyer clit suction technology has been used on an array of products that are all very user-friendly. You typically only find 1 or 2 buttons on the different models. One to turn off/on and one to control the vibrations. This design makes it very easy for anyone to use the different models. 

Satisfyer sex toys for men?

For a long time, Satisfyer sex toys have only been designed for women but now they have also started to create sex toys for men. With Satisfyer Men, you can put your hand away and let the masturbator handle your penis while the incredible suction technology leads you to a climax unlike any other. This product was designed in a collaboration with the porn star Rocco Siffredi to ensure you a unique and mind blowing experience. It comes with a standard sleeve that is interchangeable so you can try out different patterns. 

In a world where adult toy producers are fighting for the customers’ attention, Satisfyer sex toys have definitely pulled through. It is most certainly a brand that has come to stay and we are excited to see what more they have to offer. Either way, you can be sure that we at Sinful will be at the front of the line to buy any new products they introduce. 

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