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Welcome to our selection of dildos in all sizes, colours and price ranges. Choose from realistic shapes, more abstract forms, suction cup dildos, double-ended shafts, soft dildos or dildos with hard materials. We also have dildos that ejaculate. Whatever your choice, we guarantee a thrusting good time.


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A dildo for every need

Why should I buy a dildo?

Every woman should own a dildo. Though it may be one of the most simple sex toys out there, you should not be fooled. It can stimulate and tease you in ways you have never imagined and provide you with an incredibly thrilling sexual experience. 

They usually have the shape of a penis and can be inserted vaginally for inner stimulation. Depending on the material you choose, you can find ones that are soft and flexible or hard and heavy for an extra kinky experience. 
With us you can always find a huge product selection of high quality and in different materials. You can for example try one in glass, which is almost like a little piece of art in itself. 

Are you more into a softer option, you should try out silicone, which has a soft, natural and flexible feel. Our silicone dildos are produced with medical silicone and have an ergonomic shape, making them extra pleasurable. 
You can even clone your partner's penis with Clone-a-Willy, which can create a fun spark in the relationship. 
Noone has ever said that you have to do it all yourself - try out a sex machine and feel the sensation rise to the next level.

All shapes and sizes

Dildos come in many shapes and sizes and here at Sinful, you can find all the test winners, prize winners and customer favourites. If you like to have your hands free when playing, then you can try one with a suction cup that can be attached to all smooth and firm surfaces. 

We have a ton of models in natural skin tones as well as sexy and simple ones in all black. If you are more into a feminine look, you can also find pink and purple versions, which the Scandinavian Brand, Baseks, has a broad selection of. 
Are you in search of a realistic experience, then there are versions shaped like a real penis aiming at giving you an experience true to nature. They all have a nicely formed penis head and fine detailed veins along the shaft, exactly like the real deal. Some of them even have a pair of realistic-looking balls, if you want the most authentic experience possible. 

You don’t have to enjoy your best friend alone. Invite your partner to some naughty play time, where you can explore each other's bodies. We have a huge selection of strap-on and harness-friendly dildos which are perfect for you if you want as much pleasure as possible. 

Buy high quality

Our dildos in silicone are made of pure medical silicone that can come in contact with your body both on the inside and the outside without creating any irritation. The ones in glass, steel and stone are made of 100% pure materials. 

By choosing a quality product, where the details of the design have been made with love, you are sure to receive the best possible experience and stimulation. We always strive to offer the highest quality and most beautiful designs in order for you to get everything and more when you pay for our products. 

If you have difficulties choosing which model fits your needs the most, you are more than welcome to contact our customer service. We know that it can be hard to navigate in the big jungle of sex toys. That is why we are always ready to guide you and answer your questions. Do you want to know more about materials, cleaning or other properties of the products? Then call us and together we can figure out which dildo is the best fit for you. 


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