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Sex Machines

Whether you like it soft and sensual or firm and fast, all our sex machines enhance your masturbation and foreplay game. Some are adjustable, some mobile, and some even offer stroking, thrusting or double penetration - these sex machines are designed for kinky hands-free pleasure.


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Sex machines for a more exciting sex life

Take your sex life to the next level

Sex machines are an amazing invention. Thanks to them it’s possible to experience sex in a completely new way, where it’s not just about intercourse or masturbation. With a sex machine, you can enjoy your naughty and teasing playtime with each other in a different way than you have previously experienced. You may have tried sex toys before, which was fun and exciting, but are you ready to take it a step further and try something that can truly change your sex life?

With a naughty thrusting sex machine, you can achieve an arousing experience together that will differ from anything you have ever tried before. Here in this category, you can find a large and varied selection of different models that all have one thing in common: they will change your sex life for the better and take it to a new level. You can even get sex machine attachments for your new toy.

If you have any questions regarding the products or sex toys in general, you are more than welcome to contact our customer service. We can help you make the right choices so you end up with the best possible sex-experiences. 

Experiment more with a sex machine

To introduce a sex machine to your sex life means that you can start experimenting even more with sex. Several of the products are designed in order for both partners to experience incredible pleasure when using them. There are multiple variants that are constructed specifically for penetration, whether that be anally or vaginally. This ensures that both women and men can enjoy the product and gain new and exciting sexual experiences with it. Therefore, we do have both a male sex machine and a sex machine for women.  

Some of the different sex machines even come with a wireless remote that makes it possible for one part to enjoy the stimulation from the sex product, while the other person can be in charge of controlling the stimulation through the remote. This can create a lot of pleasure in itself, because you know that you are the one in control of the stimulation your partner receives. You can use it as a part of dominance play if you enjoy those types of sexual experiences. 

Buy a Sex Machine UK for solo play

Besides the different sex machines UK that are a great choice for naughty couples play, you can also find a broad range of different types that can be used for solo play for everyone. There are several dildo sex machines that, with the help of powerful piston movements, make her orgasm again and again - all entirely hands-free! These can of course also be used anally for incredible stimulation that everyone can enjoy. 

Another great option for men is a milking machine that mimics a world class blowjob. This is of course not a sex machine that can only be used when playing alone. It works just as well as part of dominance play. Your partner controls how much pleasure you're allowed to experience from the air pressure the product supplies, before it takes you completely over the edge. Combine this with some of our BDSM toys, such as bondage kits, gags, blindfolds or even nipple clamps for an even more intense experience.

Feel free to contact our customer service in case you have any questions regarding our products or need guidance. 


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