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The Swedish powerhouse LELO has become synonymous with luxurious sex toys; they always put aesthetics and stylish design first. Inspired by the fashion and beauty industries, LELO creates unique products that are beautiful to look at and feel wonderful to the touch.


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LELO - Exclusive and luxurious sex toys

LELO UK luxury sex toys

Sweden is much more than IKEA, meatballs and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The Nordic country is world-known for creating products of amazing quality and which stand out from the crowd. This is not only clear in their furniture designs, but also in their sex toys. One of the leading Swedish brands to create sex toys is LELO. The brand was created in Stockholm in 2003 by the engineer Filip Sedi and the designers Eric Kalén and Carl Magnussen - their goal was to create luxury products. Now, more than a decade later, they are still known for their exclusive and stylish products that feel just as great as they look. 

Since the beginning, they have focused on three things: quality, design, and innovation. All products are made of the finest materials, such as silky smooth silicone or ABS. In many ways, they have an untraditional approach to designing and producing sex toys. Their toys are created with a focus on functionality, curved angles and beautiful shapes. 

Though it’s a Swedish brand, they have taken the world by storm, meaning that you can also get LELO in the UK. No one should miss out on trying these amazing toys!

LELO Sona and much more

The Swedish brand offers a wide variety of different and incredible products for you to use. Whether you want a clitoral stimulator, prostate massager, masturbator, dildo vibrator, or anything else within the realm of sex toys, you can be sure to find it here. 

Take the popular LELO Sona Cruise for example. It is worth every penny you spend on it. It’s a clitoral stimulator that works perfectly for both solo play and fun times with your partner. You can either use it to pleasure yourself for an incredibly intense orgasm, or you and your partner can use it for tantalising foreplay. 

Besides LELO Sona, another bestseller is Lyla 2, a wireless and remote-controlled vibrator egg that is perfect for fun couple’s play. You can give your partner full control over your pleasure for an especially tantalising experience at home or in public. A lot of their wireless sex toys for couples are built with a SenseMotion™ technology with which the movement of the remote control steers the intensity or volume of the sensations, for example the vibrations.

Use a LELO vibrator with or without a partner

Whether you are single or in a relationship, you sometimes need to be spoiled a bit. And there are many ways to do this: a trip to the hairdresser, tickets to a concert, or a nice dinner at a lovely restaurant. But you can also spoil yourself with a luxurious and exclusive experience in the bedroom. Here a LELO vibrator or any other products from the brand can help you out. Sex toys never disappoint and these products will pay you back in endless pleasure. 

Besides an incredible LELO vibrator,  the assortment also consists of kegel balls that you can use to work out your pelvic floor muscles. Within the last couple of years, the brand has even come out with massage candles that turn into massage oils andare perfect for a teasing foreplay session. No matter what type of products you’re into, LELO has something for you. 

If you are in doubt about which products are best for you, you are always more than welcome to contact our customer service. We are ready to guide you and answer any questions you may have. 


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