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Aneros PROGASM Prostate Stimulator
Aneros PROGASM Prostate Stimulator
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Aneros PROGASM Prostate Stimulator
Aneros PROGASM Prostate Stimulator
Aneros PROGASM Prostate Stimulator
Aneros PROGASM Prostate Stimulator
Aneros PROGASM Prostate Stimulator

Aneros PROGASM Prostate Stimulator

4.3 (4)
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Product Description

Aneros PROGASM is suitable for both novices and experienced users.

PROGASM has a large rich form which gives a powerful massage up against the prostate.

The angled handle allows for good movement and direct contact with the prostate.

You can choose to control the stimulation with your Aneros PROGASM or give control over to your partner.

In order to obtain the best results with your Aneros product you must remember to use lubricants.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Medical plastic.
LENGTH: 5.5 inches.
DIAMETER: 1 - 1.5 inch.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews (4)
Big O

Nice simple toy with very nice shape and texture. A little on the costy side but damn was it worth it. Definitely my favorite toy and I have quite a few! Just thinking about it gets me excited! Learn more

5 5 1
Super O hunting

Having tried different butt toys, and always been a little skeptical about Aneros, the idea of the new experiences that Aneros might have to offer attracted me so much that I ended up ordering the “heaviest” model. However, the size of this largest model is not quite huge, so it could slip in easily. The product’s slippery surface, the designof the tip, and of course my previous experience were of big help here. Admittedly, for a first-timer, a device of this size may require a little initial warm-up and toprogress slowly. So, how did it actually feel there in the butt? Quite honestly, nothing at all. However, I had read online that using a stimulator could require multipleuses, training, deep relaxation, and mind control. I mean, even if I never got to experience those famous super-orgasms and experiences like detachment from the body, at leastI should be able to reach some sort of zen state with practice, right? Still, I didn’t get discouraged with the first experiences, and after a few uses, something started tohappen. It must have been kind of like an orgasm. The muscles in the butt vibrated involuntarily and the feeling was otherwise different from the usual orgasm achieved bycaressing the penis. However, it undeniably felt good. For myself, however, there is still a lot of travel to such explosive sensations of consciousness that are glowed on theinternet, but if the experience of this still improves, then I will enjoy the journey. After all, the product is of a really good quality. Smooth and easy to clean plastic.Getting started is easy, but the use itself may be a bit challenging and may not be suitable for a very hurried guy. Especially if you plan to use the product as intended byAneros. Of course, you can play with the product in other ways, or even let your partner use it. I guess the orgasm guarantee depends a lot on the person, how to use it in theend, or whether they can practice using it. The product could be recommended for a person who is interested in experiencing new kinds of sensations, likes butt play, andenjoys the pleasure produced by prostate stimulation. Learn more

5 4 1
After Super O.

However, after trying many different types of butt toys, and being a little skeptical about Aneros, I still decided to take up that gadget with interest and willingness to experiment. When choosing a model, I decided to go for this “heavier”, as it is didn’t come with giant specs. The product slipped into my butt with ease. The product’sslippery surface and the design of the tip certainly helped here, but on the other hand, previous experience with butt playing also contributed. So how did Progasm feel then?At first, nothing at all. However, I had read online that the stimulator could require multiple uses, practice, deep relaxation, and focus on the sensations produced by thestimulator. Even if the product did not produce lit super-orgasms either, at least using it seemed to lead to a state of mental harmony and some kind of zen. After a few timesusing it, I was already starting to experience some sensation, and a certain degree of prostate orgasms – or at least, I could claim, glimpses of them. However, there isstill a long way to walk towards mind-blowing super-orgasms and experiences like out-of-body unfolding. Overall, it could be said that the product has a high-quality feel, andit’s easy to put in place. However, using it and attaining absolute enjoyment wouldn’t really seem to be a hasty boy’s task. You may not get to enjoy orgasms right offthe first use either. However, after evincing the brief spells of possible future experiences, I will at least continue the trainings myself and enjoy the journey. So I mightrecommend the product to those who want a slightly different feel compared to traditional toys, or those who want to otherwise widen their experience in the world of buttplaying. Learn more

5 4 1
A good investment for prostate pleasure

The product was of a good quality. It hits all the the spots and feels good and full. Easy to use, but requires some time and practice to really enjoy. Definitely a good investment that only gets better the more you use it! Learn more

5 5 1

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