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Bathmate Hydromax9 Penis Pump
Bathmate Hydromax9 Penis Pump
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Bathmate Hydromax9 Penis Pump
Bathmate Hydromax9 Penis Pump
Bathmate Hydromax9 Penis Pump
Bathmate Hydromax9 Penis Pump
Bathmate Hydromax9 Penis Pump

Bathmate Hydromax9 Penis Pump

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Product Description

Gain a harder and fuller erection with the Bathmate Hydromax9 Penis Pump - the ultimate in hydro technology!

The penis pump works by creating vacuum around the penis by use of water pressure, and with this newer version of the pump, it is now possible to generate 35% more suction than with its predecessor - for even better results, faster!

The Hydromax9 X40 is also more comfortable and creates less pressure around the root of the penis and the balls, and the pump is transparent which will allow you to easily watch your penis grow.

As a new feature, the Bathmate Hydromax9 includes a turning mechanism that allows the pump to rotate 360 degrees, and it is also possible to tip the pump for optimal effect when using the pump in the bath.

How to use the Bathmate Hydromax9:
- Make sure the soft ring at the bottom of the pump is firmly attached to the pump.
- Lock the grey valve at the bottom of the pump and fill it up with water. A new valve in the Hydromax9 makes it possible to fill up the pump with one hand.
- While in the shower, relax and put the pump around your penis.
- With the pump in upward facing angle, unlock the great valve and start pumping.
- Pump, until the lower black part of the pump is so compressed that you can no longer pump.
- For the best result, release pressure after a couple of minutes and repeat 2-3 times during a 10-15 minute period.  

N.B.! With Bathmate it is possible to achieve a more intense sensation during masturbation and intercourse, as well as a harder and fuller erection. It is not possible to achieve a permanent enlargement of the penis with a penis pump, but if you use it often, you will experience a good effect. 

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Polycarbonate (plastic) and rubber.
SUITABLE FOR: Penis sizes of min. 19 cm with a diameter of min. 5 cm (erect).
USER GUIDE: English, German (includes illustrations).
NOTE: The Hydromax9 is a new version of the Hydromax X40.

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