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A Fleshlight is the ultimate masturbation product for men. The sleeves are made of the soft Real Feel Super Skin, which is designed to feel as lifelike as possible. The sheer amount of different masturbators is staggering, so find your favourites and enjoy.

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Fleshlight for better masturbation

Fkeshlight, Fleshligh or Fleshliight - one product, many names

Fleshlight masturbation products gives you the feeling of a real vagina, the products from Fleshlight are definitely made for you. The American brand has produced masturbators for men of high quality since 1998. They are manufactured in the soft Real Super Skin material, which is designed to feel extra real and teasing. With a sex toy from this brand, you are sure to receive an intense experience, that feels (almost) as good as the real thing. 

It’s one of the most popular brands on the market - and with good reason. Whether you’re into oral, anal or vaginal stimulation, they have the right products for you. Try one of the more classic versions, which is shaped like a flashlight, so it won’t attract any unwanted attention when laying on the bedside table. Plus it’s easy to bring with you in your suitcase. You can also try one of the naughty Fleshlight Girls. These are exact copies of famous porn stars’ intimate parts. Have you ever dreamed about getting down and dirty with Jesse Jane, Jenna Haze or maybe Angela White?

Are Fleshlight masturbators only for solo play?

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, you can gain great pleasure from using Fleshlight masturbators. You can of course use the products when going solo, to experience an even more intense and teasing climax. The inner structure of the sleeve is different from model to model and depending on which one you choose, you will experience a different sensation. You can also use them to train your stamina. If you use one of the Fleshlight masturbators, you will quickly discover that you can last longer.

You can also use the products together with your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband or any sexual partner of yours. Let her or him tease you with the stimulation as a naughty alternative to a regular handjob or blowjob. Or you can use them as a part of a seducing foreplay and see how long you’re able to keep your hands off each other. If you prefer, you can try one of the unique Quickshot models with a partner, since these are open on both ends. This enables your partner to give you a blowjob, while using the Fleshlight masturbator to tease you for an even more stimulating experience. 

The best Fleshlight toy with the best quality

Sinful offers the best Fleshlight products right here on this site, where some can even be combined with extra accessories for an even more intense experience. You can for example heat it up with Flesh Warmer and receive the authentic feeling of a real vagina. You can also try the famous Vstroker, which translates your movements to a famous porn film, taking your sexual experience to a whole new level. If you’re into hands-free play, then try the Shower Mount suction cup that can be attached to all smooth surfaces, like in the shower for extra wet stimulation. You now have a hands free Fleshlight. Add lube to make the experience even greater - if you’re unsure of whether to choose water-based or silicone lube, you can always contact our customer service for guidance.

Fleshlight has been producing products of the highest quality for 20 years now. Their patented Real Super Skin has brought much joy to the home country USA and the rest of the world. At Sinful, you can find all the best Fleshlights, in order for you to experience the incredible sensation they offer.  


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