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Bathmate Hydromax5 Penis Pump
Bathmate Hydromax5 Penis Pump
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Bathmate Hydromax5 Penis Pump

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Product Description

Bathmate Hydromax5 is a penis pump for men, with a max. penis size of 5.5 inches., which assists with increasing the penis size.

Hydromax is, like the other Bathmate penis pumps, designed to be used in water and increase the size of your penis. Because of the water pressure that builds up in the pump (also called hydrotherapy) the pump creates a bigger vacuum around the penis than other ordinary penis pumps. A vacuum, with 35% more pressure than ordinary pumps.

This is due, amongst other things, to the soft "foam-like" ring which sits at the base of the pump against the skin. This ring also helps sit the pump perfectly, at the correct angle, against the penis.

How to use the Bathmate Hydromax5 Penis pump:
Make sure the soft ring right at the base of the pump is tightly attached. 
Make sure the grey valve at the tip is locked and fill the pump with water.
Relax and put the pump around your penis. 
Place the pump at an upward angle, unlock the grey valve at the tip and start to pump.
Pump, until the bottom black section of the pump is compressed and you are not able to pump any more.
For the best results, release pressure after a couple minutes and repeat the process 2-3 times over a period of 10-15 minutes.  

Be aware that it is not possible to achieve permanent enlargement of the penis with a penis pump, but if you use it often, for example before sex, you will notice the benefit. Many men experience a more intense sensation during masturbation and intercourse.

All materials are dermatologically tested, latex-free and completely without phthalates.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Polycarbonate (plastic) and rubber.
SUITABLE FOR: Penis size max. 5.5 inches. with a diameter of max.1.5 inch (erect state).
LENGTH: 7.5 inches internally
DIAMETER: 2 inches internally.
CIRCUMFERENCE: 6 inches internally.
USER GUIDE: English, German etc. (includes illustrations).

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Customer Reviews (1)
Gives results when you get to the grain

First I mention that if your penis is medium in size, be prepared to order an x30 model pump. With the X20, you also get results, but the "growth margin" suddenly becomes small. But the review applies to all models, as the products are similar, only the cylinder size changes. I saw at least the x20 and x30 models. The product itself isa great, easy pump to use in the bath or shower. Some reportedly use it even in plain air at times, but I haven’t tried it myself. The beginning can be a bit tangled untilyou find a suitable technique to get the pump tightly closed, a suitable pumping rhythm, and so on. But you learn it quickly and the results come. Immediately after thepumping session, the penis is swollen and self-esteem on the roof: D If you follow a regular routine, the body will remain larger than usual around the clock. You should juststart calmly and let your penis get used to the treatment and not pull at full pressure right away first. The package comes with clear instructions for use and should befollowed. Sessions can also be varied, with a 5 minute pumping you get a good light pump. And when the penis is recovered after use, the erections are really plush and hard.From my own experience, I can recommend the x20 and x30 models to anyone who wants a little more length and girth for their little brother. I can't say about permanent resultswhen I can't use a tape measure, but even temporary results are worth the price! Finally, the pump creates a really good and hard vacuum that stretches the skin and tissues ofthe penis, so the device might also hurt itself if you use full power right from the start. That is, if the pressure starts to feel uncomfortable, you may want to reduce thepressure. So common sense included, patience and nice pumping moments! Learn more

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