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Bedroom Battle Erotic Card Game for Couples
Bedroom Battle Erotic Card Game for Couples
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Bedroom Battle Erotic Card Game for Couples

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Product Description

Do you dare challenge your partner to a game he/she won't be able to back out of with Bedroom Battle? Let the cards determine how your erotic evening will go.

You use the 92 different battle cards to play for kinky rewards in the form of sexual experiences, which you will perform on each other.

This game requires tactical thought, so that you can live out your deepest fantasies. This card game contains, over and above the 92 battle cards, 70 reward cards and in total 210 challenges, such as: "Give or receive oral sex for 3 minutes in a position you haven't tried before" or use 3 minutes to kiss, while playing with each others intimate parts".

If there are tasks you don’t want to do, then each player has a "Bail Card", which exempts you from having to play a challenge.

Perfect as an icebreaker for new couples or those in a relationship looking for some inspiration. Can be played by all couples, regardless of sexual preferences.

Be aware of the fact that this card game is played in English.

Additional Information

CONTAINS: 92 Battle Cards, 70 Reward Cards, 1 Starting Player Card, 2 Bail Cards + instructions.
AGE: 18+.
LANGUAGE: English.

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Customer Reviews (3)
Good purchase

This game is a slightly different game. The one who gets the most points in the round wins a reward. There are three rewards for the winner to choose from. Many cards included in the package. Not everything suited us, but for us it was a bit too mild. Tickling and biting are not quite us. But there was plenty to choose from such as bonding, a dangerof being seen, massage, whipping, sucking, licking, sex, dirty talk, analplay etc. You have to wait until the last card to be allowed to A time consuming game. Especially ifyou choose the longest times on the rewards. Suitable for everyone, regardless of orientation. You can also pass twice. Anyway, the orgasm was very strong after so muchstimulation. It’s a little upsetting if you never win a reward due to pure bad luck. Wish there was a user manual in Norwegian, as there quite a lot of rules. So all in allhappy with the purchase. We have played it several times and it gives you lots of inspiration for things. Learn more

5 4 1
Erotic for all the money

This game may not look like much, but once you get started you easily get so horny that you completely want to stop the game and just hit the sheets ahead of time. Can definitely recommend this game to other couples as a little fun way to get in the hot mood. Learn more

5 5 1

Entertaining. Simple. Naughty It can not be said easier!

5 4 1

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