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Clone-A-Willy Refill Moulding Powder
Clone-A-Willy Refill Moulding Powder
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Clone-A-Willy Refill Moulding Powder
Clone-A-Willy Refill Moulding Powder

Clone-A-Willy Refill Moulding Powder

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Product Description

Clone-A-Willy Moulding Powder is ingenious if you want to make a new cast of your penis. Clone-A-Willy Refill Powder can be used with all Clone-A-Willy products.

100% body-friendly and medically tested materials.

How to use the Clone-A-Willy moulding powder:
When the powder is mixed with water, you have only 2 minutes until the mass solidifies.
1) Pour 315 ml of warm water (32˚) into a bowl.
2) Add the powder to the water in the bowl, and whisk well for 30 seconds.
3) Pour the liquid mass in the tube from your original Clone-A-Willy pack; place your penis in the tube. You have 30 seconds for this.
4) Allow the liquid mass to solidify. It takes approximately one minute.
5) Remove your penis from the tube.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Moulding powder.
USER GUIDE: English.
N.B.: Casting tube not included. Use this with the original Clone-A-Willy pack.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews (5)
Not as easy as you think

Sure it gave me a second chance and also a third ... But did not succeed so wasted money unfortunately.

5 2 1
A good second chance

Since it can be quite tricky to get in shape on the first try, it is very good that refills are offered for a small cost. Worked just as it should, but recommend using around 400 ml of water and not 315 ml as it says in the description. Learn more

5 4 1
Easy refilling

Obvious if you did not succeed with the casting in the first place, although you clearly need 0.5 and not 0.315L water - As always good service.

5 4 1

Like so many others, we also had a lot of problems the first time. We sat down and talked about how our approach could be changed, to make it easier for ourselves. The manual states that you must cut the tube / plastic so that it is a little longer than the penis, after which you must lose the cut area so that it is not pointed or can scratch theskin. FORGET IT! Cut the bottom off and drop that piece. We made it so that he lay down and took the tube directly over the penis so I just had to pour the moulding mass downinto. We used a little more than 4 dl. (Between 4-4.5 dl MAX) The water was about 33 degrees hot. We had put EVERYTHING ready. A bowl where the powder was already in, and thena whisk, so when he got well running, I just had to quickly add the water to the bowl, stir and then pour the mass into the tube. It is so sad that many do not know this way.It's 100% the easiest way to do it - and get it in the house for the first time! Learn more

5 4 1

Easy to try as a second try. But, to use 425 ml of water at 32 degrees stirred for 45 sec, then I thought it takes too long to solidify. Then consider one more attempt.

5 4 1

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