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E-Stim 2B Electro Power Box Set
E-Stim 2B Electro Power Box Set
E-Stim 2B Elektro Power Box Sæt  1
E-Stim 2B Elektro Power Box Sæt  2
E-Stim 2B Elektro Power Box Sæt  3
E-Stim 2B Elektro Power Box Sæt  4

E-Stim 2B Electro Power Box Set

4.5 (3)
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Product Description

The E-Stim 2B Electro Power Box is an especially powerful and versatile electro box, when only the best will do.

It has never been easier to get started. Simply connect the supplied electro pads or your own favourite electro toys (sold separately) and let the stimulating current excite you.

With as many as 17 programs of everything from gentle titillations to hard, intense stimulation and with a double outlet, you can use up to 4 uni-polar or 2 bi-polar toys at the same time. In addition, the 2 outlets can assemble into one, for a toy with a Triphase cable set (extra equipment) for an experience beyond average. Think "3D electro sex".

As a special feature, this box offers audio control in stereo, so you can vary the stimulation with music or your own voice.

Easy to read and lit-up digital display, just making it even easier to use.  Furthermore, you can purchase a digital link interface, which gives you the opportunity to update and control your 2B Power Box via PC or Mac.

Contains everything you need to get started or to upgrade your electro sex universe.

Always be aware of safety when experimenting with electricity. Should not be used by people with heart problems, pacemaker, epilepsy or if pregnant. Read and follow the user guide for your electro sex apparatus.

Additional Information

MODEL: E-Stim E-Box Series 2B
POWER SOURCE: 9-V battery (included) or with a plug via adapter (sold separately).
COMPATIBLE WITH: All electro sex toys with either a 2 mm or 4 mm plug.

- E-Stim Systems 2B electro stimulator box.
- 4 x Self-adhesive electro pads.
- Built-in microphone for audio control.
- CD for audio stimulation.
- 2 x output cables with 2mm plug.
- 3.5 mm cable for audio stimulation.
- 9-V alkaline battery.
- English user guide.
- Practical storage case.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews (3)

The device has several pulse variants, but only one of them has properties that can provide pleasure. If there was an extra mode where you could compose a pulse profile yourself with regard to waveform, duration and pause, that would be perfect. There are other products on the market but they seem to be mostly meant to add pain - when itcomes to sex aids. They have been left for recycling. This reviewer is 65+ with declining potency. 2B has woken up in the morning. Learn more

5 5 1
You won’t need anything else

After trying different sex toys of many kinds, I can say that this one beats everything. You can’t even compare it. Anyone who hasn’t tried electrical stimulation clearly has a lot to look forward to! I’ve only given it four stars is because the box isn’t the best quality, for example, a switch has started to loosen up a bit after about sixmonths of intensive use. Considering what it provides in pleasure compared to other things that have a lower cost, it is still worth its price. Learn more

5 4 1
Awesome e-stim product

If you are a person who has had fun with a cheap TENS unit and is considering upgrading I can highly recommend this product. You have a lot of different programs, where they are all unique enough to give you a new experience on each of the programs, but the only program that I think makes the product worth the money is "stereo mode" - itconverts sound from your PC / mobile about to electrical signals and then all of a sudden you have thousands of ways to use your 2b. E.g. you can find a lot of good filesonline Among others, audio similar to various cock hero videos so has been made you can see how long you can hold it for ... Switch to high power mode and turn up 2-3% perround and you will not reach the end;) Personally, I would also recommend buying the power adapter as well because it gives you approx. 20% more power than with battery, plusyou risk not running out of power in the middle of a session. Another important point is the electrodes themselves, which are almost as important as the box - and the electropads that come with the product are not the best, in my own opinion. I even use these cock loops https://www.sinful.dk/electrastim-electraloops-prestige-silver-penisringewhich work great with the product. Remember of course electric gel https://www.sinful.dk/electrastim-conductive-gel-til-elektro-sexlegetoj so you do not get burned. You canalso combine channels A and B together in a 3D effect 'Tri-phase'. where you send the current through 3 or more electrodes in a new combined channel, but to do this itrequires a tri-phase cable, which sinful does not sell, so the only way to get it is through the manufacturer's website which supplies from the UK. The only negative thingabout the product is in connection with high power mode + stereo mode - if the volume of your system is set too high, your 2b may risk being overheated, which then causes the2b to restart and go back to start to protect itself. Learn more

5 5 1

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