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Elvie App-controlled Pelvic Floor Trainer
Elvie App-controlled Pelvic Floor Trainer
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Elvie App-controlled Pelvic Floor Trainer

4.4 (5)
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Product Description

Revolutionise your pelvic floor training with the award-winning Elvie Trainer. Itvisualises your pelvic floor movements in real time with the help of an app that works as your personal trainer. The patented technology measures force and motion to help you improve your technique for safer and more effective workouts.

The slim, ergonomically shaped trainer is coated with medical-grade silicone and comes with a detachable cover for custom sizing. The trainer uses bio-feedback to determine whether you do the exercises correctly, so you never need to guess.

Connect Elvie with the free Elvie Trainer app to access fun, 5-minute exercises that give your pelvic floor muscles a full workout and promise results in less than 4 weeks. It also helps you track your progress. 

Elvie Trainer is waterproof and rechargeable with the included charger case and Micro USB cable. Use a drop of water-based lube to help slide it in place and clean it with water and mild soap or sex toy cleaner for good hygiene.

Elvie Trainer has received multiple awards and is recommended by over 1,000 health experts.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Medical-grade silicone.
ALLERGENS: Free of phthalates and latex.
LENGTH: 3 inches.
WIDTH: Up to 1.5 inch.
WEIGHT: 25 g.
POWER TYPE: Rechargeable (Micro USB cable included).
APP: Elvie Trainer.
CONNECTION: Bluetooth Smart Ready (requires Bluetooth Low Energy).
- iPhone iOS 10 (or newer).
- iPad OS 13 (or newer).
- Android 6 (or newer).
- Does not work with Huawei phones.
LANGUAGE: English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, Simplified Chinese, German, Swedish, Japanese.
INCLUDED: Silicone cover, charger case.

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Customer Reviews (5)
Super happy

Very easy to use and good app. The app is easy to use and follow, and it offers many opportunities to choose the training that suits you. Definitely one of my best buys

5 5 1
Fun and effective kegel exercise

Elvie is a great device for training your pelvic floor. It tells you how hard you contract and have different exercises that provide motivation to improve. The training programs are adapted to your level and personal profile (age, whether you have given birth, etc.), and automatically become more difficult the stronger you become. Sometimesit feels a bit like a game, so it's fun too. The elvien is lovely, smooth and soft, plus it is very easy to have inside. Definitely recommendable even if you have not givenbirth but just want to train your pelvic floor (which has been the case with me). Learn more

5 5 1
Good training aid

The product is excellent quality. It can be difficult to know how/how well/how hard you squeeze, but with the app it becomes visual and you can follow when you are doing well and when it does not work. I think it's really hard to control my squeezing well enough to cope in the "game", and it only progresses slowly, but it's nice to knowwhen I actually squeeze it well. The app is definitely not a game, but has a bit of a structure as a game. There are various exercises along the way and it stores your pastresults and praises or encourages you to do more training depending on how you cope with your own past results. I'm glad I bought it, even though I feel incredibly bad atdoing squat exercises after seeing the results on a screen ... More training is needed here :-) P.S. By the way, I am neither pregnant nor have been. Learn more

5 5 1
Good idea but not very stable

The pelvic floor trainer is a good idea as it is fun to use (a bit like a game), but the connection smokes quite often and it seems rather unstable. There are very large fluctuations in the results of the training, which coupled with the stability seems to be the app more than my pelvic floor ... Learn more

5 3 1
Good when it works.

I bought this product based on the fact that it is a good concept, discreet to use while standing and to motivate and help to train properly. All these things mean this product fully works and as the headline says, it is good when it works. However, I have experienced problems with connecting and that the connection disappears along the way,this meant that I was unable to train that day. So for me, it was not good that the connection was often very unstable, which created a lot of frustration. But having saidthat, I really thought the product is lovely, good quality and is a great concept that really caught my eye. Learn more

5 4 1

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