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Fetish Fantasy Metal Ben-Wa Balls
Fetish Fantasy Metal Ben-Wa Balls
Fetish Fantasy Metal Ben-Wa Balls
Fetish Fantasy Metal Ben-Wa Balls
Fetish Fantasy Metal Ben-Wa Balls

Fetish Fantasy Metal Ben-Wa Balls

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Product Description

Fetish Fantasy Metal Ben-Wa Balls is a set of stylish lust balls, can be used both during sexy play and pelvic floor training.

These two metal balls are not especially large (diameter of 1 inch), and they therefore require strong pelvic muscles to hold them up. Rule of thumb is the smaller and heavier the kegel balls, the more difficult it is to hold them up.

It is a set of really beautiful balls with a shiny surface in gold colour.

Experiment with the balls with your partner. When you insert the ball, you will notice how they work internally, which can be very stimulating.

As mentioned, the balls are also very suitable to use to train your pelvic floor. Start with laying down with the balls inserted and pinch around the balls. When you get strong enough you can perhaps walk around with them.

N.B.! There is no need to be scared that the balls will get lost up in you or not be able to come out. You can easily remove them with your fingers as well as push them out. 

Additional Information

DIAMETER: Approx. 1 inch.
WEIGHT: Approx. 30 g pr. ball.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews (4)
Ben-Wa Training Balls

The balls are surprisingly small and of very high quality. They feel heavy on the hand, but that doesn’t make them complicated to handle when practicing. I’ve noticed that the workout also reaches into the abdominal muscles, which is absolutely positive. I recommend it! Learn more

5 5 1
Lovely Ben-Wa Geish Balls

I am very used to practicing with these Ben-Wa Balls, and I like them. These Ben-Wa Balls are great for exercising the pelvic floor muscles, and I feel quite stimulated and pleased. I recommend them profusely, and nothing else to say but: try them! Learn more

5 5 1
Lovely Ben-Wa Balls

These Ben-Wa Training Balls are great for this pelvic floor. It exercised my muscles, and I feel very stimulated and pleased.

5 5 1

The wife's rating was absolutely incredible. Easy to use and just the right weight to provide just the right amount of resistance.

5 5 1

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