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Fetish Fantasy Nipple Pump Set
Fetish Fantasy Nipple Pump Set
Fetish Fantasy Nipple Pump Set
Fetish Fantasy Nipple Pump Set

Fetish Fantasy Nipple Pump Set

3.4 (4)

Product discontinued
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Product Description

With this nipple pump set from Fetish Fantasy, you get everything you need, to pump and excite stiffness from the nipples.

This nipple pump set includes two nipple pumps in different sizes and a set of  4 rubber rings.

How to use it:
- Start with the smallest pump.
- Pump until the desired stimulation and size is reached.
- Do the same to the other nipple.
- If you wish to achieve an even bigger nipple, repeat the process with the bigger pump.
- Once the desired size is reached, roll the rubber ring down over your stiff nipple.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Plastic.
SMALL PUMP: 3.5 inches long. 0.5 inch internal diameter.
LARGE PUMP: 3.5 inches long. 0.5 inch internal diameter.
STREACHABLE O-RINGS: 0.5 inch and 0.5 inch internal diameter.
INCLUDES: 1 small pump, 1 large pump, 2 pairs of small O-rings, 2 pairs of large O-rings.
USER GUIDE: English.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews (4)
Well, it’s good but not more than that.

Just ok. Totally okay, a little fun but no more than that.

5 3 1
Good quality

Seems a bit cumbersome to use. It takes time. Hard to get the rings to fit properly. But otherwise thought it was ok when it succeeded.

5 2 1
Really kinky

These nipple pumps are really cool! And kinky ....! Did not have many expectations for it, but since I love teasing the breasts, I thought I should try this. It's really annoying to use the pump - and especially if my boyfriend does. They get my warm recommendations. Learn more

5 5 1
for small busts

They are beautiful but they are for small busts and not big breasts. But if I had small breasts, they would have been really good

5 4 1

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