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Fifty Shades of Grey Please Sir Flogger Whip
Fifty Shades of Grey Please Sir Flogger Whip
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Fifty Shades of Grey Please Sir Flogger Whip

4.2 (5)
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Product Description

This flogger whip is part of the official Fifty Shades of Grey collection, designed in collaboration with the one and only E. L. James - behind the bestseller trilogy. 

The whip gives you the chance to live out your S&M fantasies with arousing strokes and sharp sensual spanks.

The whip is sylishly designed with silver fonds in faux leather and a black handle wth a strap. At the same time this whip is of a high quality and can take as much whipping as you can handle. It is the perfect size to fit in your bag or suitcase, discreetly.

The 48 silver fonds will swing and whip with every movement you give. It is ideal for both gentle strokes and hard swings, which will create a warming sensation on your skin. Just the whip for when you want pleasurably torment each other in a fun way.

Remember it is a good idea to arrange a stop word before you start to play, which you can both use if it gets too much to handle.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Faux leather, metal rivets, wood.
LENGTH: 15 inches.
WEIGHT: 58 g.

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Customer Reviews (5)

Fun and tickling two-way teasing

5 4 1

Hehe me and my partner found one like this when we were housekeeper for a couple of friends and of course had to try !! SO incredibly wonderful and gives a slightly stinging feeling depending on the force of the blow but is definitely recommended! I have decided to acquire one! ;) Learn more

5 5 1


5 5 1
Not very impressive

I am disappointed with this product. Although the handle is lovely enough, it seems very fragile. Without a doubt a beginner product, and although I am far from advanced myself, I do not think there is enough flick in it. More suitable for slapping genitals than buttocks in my optics. 2/5 stars for that performance. Learn more

5 2 1


5 5 1

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