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Fifty Shades of Grey You Are Mine Metal Handcuffs
Fifty Shades of Grey You Are Mine Metal Handcuffs
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Fifty Shades of Grey You Are Mine Metal Handcuffs  1
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Fifty Shades of Grey You Are Mine Metal Handcuffs

3.3 (5)
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Product Description

These shiny metal handcuffs are part of the official Fifty Shades of Grey collection, it was designed in collaboration with the woman behind the erotic trilogy - E. L. James.

These shiny metal handcuffs should definitely get added to your basket if you wish to experiment with gentle bondage. 

The handcuffs are strong and robust, providing many possibilities for dominance and seduction. It includes 2 keys, but for your assurance, it can open without them thanks to the quick release lever. 

The handcuffs are attached with a metal chain, which makes it possible for you still to move your hands separately from each other when the cuffs are on.

The handcuffs are engraved with ”You. Are. Mine”. 

Your handcuffs can discreetly be stored in the included silver pouch.

Additional Information

LENGTH: 10.5 inches.
WEIGHT: 174 g.

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Customer Reviews (5)

The handcuffs as a whole were very well made and really created that little extra in the mood. Really nice details made them feel luxurious like the included bag or the engraved words on the handcuffs and the small details on the keys. Even the smart extra opening was really appreciated! The only thing that lowered the rating was that theyrubbed less on the wrists, which created marks after. But by and large, they were really a successful purchase! Learn more

5 5 1
Great! But problems with the length

My girlfriend and I use them frequently, but since she wants them completely tight, they were hard to open again, and when we finally opened them, they could not close again. So we need to invest in some new ones! Otherwise they were really good and not bad material at all! Learn more

5 4 1
Frighteningly disappointing

A product of incredibly poor quality. With a little resistance, the lock around the wrist can just be opened without affecting the opening mechanism. The handcuffs are for decoration as the handcuffs are opened by pressing a button on the handcuffs - this can be done while you are wearing them, which is why the person who wears them can justopen them at any time. For a couple of hundred kroner more, real handcuffs can be acquired - I can only recommend. Learn more

5 1 1

My boyfriend and I have just started experimenting with sex toys These are great, in price and quality, for a first time investment In addition, it is good psychological security that the handcuffs can be opened without the use of a key (in case the keys disappear or otherwise) Learn more

5 5 1

Unfortunately we were quite disappointed as the product appears cheap. The very idea of handcuffs is naughty, but the product does not perform the relevant function .. Me, the woman who does not have any notable strength, does not need to exercise much resistance before the lock simply goes the wrong way without affecting the locking mechanism. Thekey is for decoration and the lock is opened by moving two small notches on the side of the handcuffs - these can be reached by the person who is wearing them, which is whythey, again, seem a bit like children's toys rather than something that belongs to adult play in the bedroom. Learn more

5 1 1

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