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Toy Warmer
Toy Warmer
Toy Warmer
Toy Warmer

Toy Warmer

4.8 (4)

Product discontinued
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Product Description

Warm-up your toy for the most realistic experience and greatest pleasure.

The Toy Warmer is simple to use, easy to operate, and absolutely indispensible for you if you are turned on by a warm realistic experience.

Place your toy in the Toy Warmer and turn it with the controller. You can turn the temperature up or down during use. The built-in thermostat ensures a constant temperature. Turn off the controller when you feel that your toy has reached the right temperature.

You can also heat up your massage oil to avoid the chill when it hits your body.

The Toy Warmer is easy to clean with a damp cloth and mild soap. Do NOT use the Toy Warmer to heat up sex toys containing electronics.

Additional Information

LENGTH: 13.5 inches.
WIDTH: 6.5 inches.
ADAPTOR: Included, 230 Volt.
USER GUIDE: English.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews (4)
Warm and comfortable

Prefers this more than the stick that heats up the fleshlights. Own both and if you want a really warm and good fleshlight, this is to be recommended. Note that it should not be left for too long when it is on "high", as the shape itself can change on your fleshlight and also get marks from the heating coils like that of a piece of meaton the BBQ. However, this product can heat up the one that the sleevewarmer cannot. Sleeve warmer makes it warmer, while flesh warmer can get it almost a little burning hot.TL: DR Very good product, however fleshlight can change shape during long and high heating. Learn more

5 5 1
A nice detail

I was surprised that the effect was so great from warming up the fleshlight before use, it became much more comfortable. This product is very effective at warming up, however, it takes some time to heat it up to the middle, but you only have to have a little forethought. Learn more

5 4 1
Works as promised :)

This does its job. Chose this instead of the stick in the above review to the left (that it gets hot instead of lukewarm, but have not tested the stick). I usually prep with lubricant before I put the fleshlight in the heater to improve the heat conduction. Of course, you feel with a finger before and enter your loved one carefully so you do notburn yourself. I would probably like the stick as well in any case so you can reheat between strokes, if you want a longer session. But as I said, it does what it promises andunlike the stick, the whole thing is heated, i.e. also the front/opening, so that is an advantage. Learn more

5 5 1
Super duper

Really good heat bag for various toys. Can heat up anything, and is great for sleeves as well as TPE and Silicone dildos. Highly recommended;)

5 5 1

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