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Fleshlight Girls Stoya Destroya
Fleshlight Girls Stoya Destroya
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Fleshlight Girls Stoya Destroya

3.7 (5)
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Product Description

If alt porn star Stoya is your dream girl, this incredibly lifelike Fleshlight is a must have. The vaginal opening is a perfect copy of Stoya’s vulva, while the inner texture is among the most stimulating ones in Fleshlight’s extensive selection. 

Stoya’s sleeve “Destroya” has a unique structure, which features a wealth of soft nubs and fangs, which lead you to a tight, ribbed canal. When you add a generous amount of water-based lube into the mix, it will give you the ride of your life.

Control the deliciously sucking vacuum inside the soft Super Skin sleeve by turning the screw lid at the bottom of the case. After use, you can turn the sleeve inside out for easy cleaning.

Fleshlight Girls is an extremely popular product series, which features some of the sexiest porn stars in the world. 

Pro tip! After cleaning the sleeve with water and antibacterial sex toy cleaner and letting it air dry, we recommend using a renewing powder both on the inside and outside. It extends the sleeve’s lifetime and keeps it soft, supple and non-sticky.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Real Feel Super Skin.
ALLERGENS: Free of phthalates and latex.
LENGTH: 10 inches.
DEPTH: 8 inches.
INNER DIAMETER: 0.5 inch (stretchable).
SLEEVE: Destroya.
LANGUAGE: English.

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Customer Reviews (5)
Not as happy

Not as happy as the other reviews. Of course it works and does what it’s supposed to. But I have one cheap for about SEK 300. And it works at least as well. Plus the noise that comes out when you unscrew it and lighten the suction a bit. No I don’t really know if I would recommend this particular product to anyone. But the quality is super andit does what it’s supposed to. No wow experience. Bought the product 1 month ago. Learn more

5 4 1
Well, not worth the money

Had a cheap fleshlight without shell before and it was much better. Think this is too soft and gives no "bite". Very exaggerated and not at all as fantastic as everyone says. If I hadn’t used it, I would have sent it back. Do not think it is worth SEK 800. Learn more

5 3 1
What's the matter?

I did a lot of research before I placed an order for my first sex toy. People have really voted for Fleshlight and how amazing this product is. It becomes either sticky or snuff-dry as you should not use a silicone-based lube, which means that you must have a constant flow of lube. Adjustments to the air flow also don’t do much and the feelingoverall is very "numb". A bit like the feeling of using those thick and older generation of condoms during sex. And if you thrust too deep, you easily push air intothe product, which lessens the feel of it, or that you happen to crack it open when the vacuum "screw" flies off. Everything is also accompanied by wonderful soundeffects that are reminiscent of the scene in The Matrix when Neo crawls out of that slimy cocoon. So a pair of proper headphones is required to override the sound that wouldmake Skansen Jonas believe that two seals are mating in the apartment. However, the quality is very good, but the price is a little too high for me not to feel dissatisfied. Amaximum of SEK 250 and that three therapy sessions so you can process the trauma that occurs when you realise that you are completely soiled by lube while frantically pumpinga silicone casting of a stranger's vulva over your penis. Learn more

5 3 1

This was my first purchase of a fleshlight. Looks great feels even better. Have to say not disappointed one bit. Mind blowing orgasms every time.

5 5 1

I've always seen these toys and was always interested to feel the hype, the hype is real as fuck (not the real thing, but ,,) .I heard about this model was a tip top one, and it is .. cleaning is a hassle though as you got to leave it to dry a long time But it's worth the wait, I'm going to get another one so I can have two in rotation Learn more

5 5 1

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