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Fleshlight Mr Limpy Packer Medium
Fleshlight Mr Limpy Packer Medium
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Fleshlight Mr Limpy Packer Medium

4.0 (7)
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Product Description

Fleshlight Mr. Limpy Packer Medium is ideal for pleasure seekers who want an extra soft packer.

This is the second size in the series, and it is especially suitable in a packer harness for a realistic feeling and a natural bulge in your pants.

Mr. Limpy Packer Medium is manufactured from Fleshlights well-known Real Feel Super Skin material, which imitates genuine skin.

Because the packer is soft and flexible, it can stretch, bend and turn as you wish.

To keep Mr. Limpy soft and sensual you need to use renewal powder, which will protect your packer and maintain its durability for longer.

Full length of 8 inches, of which the shaft makes up 6.5 inches. 1.5 inch in diameter.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Super Feel Real Skin.
DIAMETER: 1.5 inch.
LENGTH:�8 inches, of which the shaft makes up 6.5 inches.�

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Customer Reviews (7)
Looks good!

pretty normal size after i worked out how to wear it, so pretty happy

5 5 1

I got a foam one but wanted a realistic one, took a while to get it to look natural and a trick i’ve found is cutting a whole in some inexpensive underwear above the clit and using that as a harness. or just buy one Learn more

5 5 1
A package for panties

An awesome package for the panties, realistic-feeling, creates a nice bulge in the front of the pants. The testicles may be a bit small, but otherwise, very appropriate.

5 5 1
Great quality price product

A trans male friend recommended this to me, he has been using it for many years for Packing and now I started as well. It’s super cheap but good quality. The details are amazing and it feels pretty good. The packer feels nice at touch but I don't personally like the product touching my skin for longer periods so I use either underwear forPacking with a pocket for the packer, an harness like the Calexotics Packer Gear Brief Harness available on sinful.fi or a pouch for packing with male underwear. The size M isperfect for me, I’m 177 cm tall and I wanted an average size packer. The product arrived in few days in a very discreet package. Highly recommended! Learn more

5 5 1
Bad experience

Would use it as a packer, but not comfortable to have it close to the skin for a long time. "The material resembles skin" It does not resemble anything near skin, no. It is also very loose and can be incredibly long if you toss it around. Wish it was a little more firm, but not erection-firm. Learn more

5 2 1
Where should it be used?

Bought it for my dear wife, and when she saw it, she wondered what to do with it, as it looked just like mine without an erection. Just hanging there and way too soft.

5 2 1

It is very soft, and feels a bit like a stress ball;) Otherwise it is good, and gives a nice bulge in the pants. Recommend using a harness, or similar

5 4 1

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