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Fleshlight Pink Lady Original
Fleshlight Pink Lady Original
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Fleshlight Pink Lady Original
Fleshlight Pink Lady Original
Fleshlight Pink Lady Original

Fleshlight Pink Lady Original

3.8 (5)
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Product Description

Pink Lady is the original Fleshlight. It was the first on the market, when the world's most popular masturbator for men saw the light of day.

It is perfect if you are in search of your first masturbator. Its inner smooth structure makes it a popular choice for well-endowed men or men with sensitive penises. If your penis has become accustomed to you having given yourself many handjobs, then Pink Lady is perfect for bringing back its sensitivity.

Pink Lady has a vagina opening like a woman's, and simulates the feeling of sexual intercourse. You can control the pressure around your penis by turning the base of your Fleshlight. When you turn it completely tight, a vacuum will be created that will provide your penis with a very intense stimulation.

Fleshlights are manufactured from Real Super Skin offering a very realistic sensation when you use them. The inner structure is very flexible and therefore fits most men.

We recommend applying a little water-based lubricant before starting, as it will result in the best and most realistic experience.

Pink lady is easy to clean. When you have washed your Fleshlight in warm water after use, we suggest spraying anti-bacterial sex toy cleaning spray on it. Thereafter, once dry, we also suggest using a renewal powder to maintain the softness of the surface.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Real Feel Super Skin.
LENGTH: Externally: 10 inches, internally: 9 inches.
USER GUIDE: English.

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Customer Reviews (5)
Fitting therefore awesome

The description states: "The sleek texture of the sleeve makes it perfect for men with larger or more sensitive penises than usual." Which contains the main reason why I’m satisfied with Original, and a satisfied user. Men with an exceptionally long and thick penis have learnt the hard way that finding a masturbation tool that can becompletely pushed in is very difficult. Fleshlight Original is particularly the choice of the thickest-tooled men. Devices suitable for penis smaller in circumference andlength can be found in an unlimited range of Fleshlight and other manufacturers. Of course, if the user has a very sensitive skin, then Original may be a wiser choice for anintimate stimulator, regardless of size. Personally, I’m a devoted foreskin man, so of course there is much sensitivity there. I’m also used to making love with women whohave given birth, so no ultra-tightness is to be missed at all. Whether mini, semi or maxi, with or without foreskin, lubricant should be used in abundance. The fleshlightrewards the hard-nerved and well endowed with a strong orgasm and copious ejaculation. In addition to the above, the advantages of the original include the convenience ofwashing, drying and maintenance. Sperm and lubricant, and why not even saliva, are easy to wash off the smooth interior, quick to dry, and convenient to handle with carepowder. In this way, the high-quality material retains its properties the service life is extended for long. Hygiene also remains good. It’s not worth arguing about sleepissues, but I personally find the design of the Original mouth with plenty of lips appealing. If the world were perfect, a Fleshlight would remain in the desired position inany place. So one star out of ease of use. Otherwise, I highly recommend it fot the big boys’ play! Learn more

5 5 1
Good enough for those who have a large penis

For me it does not work because I probably have too small a penis and partly do not get a vacuum when I use it. My penis is only 14cm long and has a circumference of 11 cm. Have stopped using it. Learn more

5 3 1
Use your hand instead

Like sticking your penis in a foam mattress that rejects you.

5 2 1
Naughty Mrs. Fleshlight was what was needed

I had to go through several products to find the right one, but Fleshlight is perfect. At first it was not 100% optimal for me, but when I found out that heating it up in hot water first, it made me happy. It's very close to the real feeling. Maybe a little structure would do the latter, but I deliberately did not buy one of them with structure asthey are somewhat smaller. I have been through several products. The first was a Doc Johnson Chanel Pocket Pussy, and it was WAY too small. My head peeked out when I tried topenetrate fully and it was way too tight. It ended up with a hole in the wall of the product. It's a long time ago... Recently I tried a TENGA FLIP HOLE, but it was also toosmall. Both too short and too narrow, so that the sides blew out, and then it creaked violently, slipping violently during use. It might sound kinky, but not when it's becausethe product threatens to break down. Big disappointment, even though it seemed smart in terms of cleaning, and I'm sure it's good for someone with a more average size limb.FleshLight is perfect for me. OK, when have I probably indicated that I'm probably a little above average down there, but I'm not saying this to brag, and I'm certainly nothuge - 18.5 cm in length (on a good day) and 14.5 cm in circumference in the middle - not huge! I just think you call it well-equipped. And Mrs. Fleshlight can easily take me(by the way, I have only experienced once that there was a girl who could not take me). I'm thinking a bit about whether I should try one of the narrower Fleshlights, becausethe box itself is the same, so a little structure may give the last thing you need. I might try, but otherwise the real thing is always preferable. However, Mrs. Fleshlight isgood at keeping me company on a solo evening, and then her plane ticket is very cheap when she takes on a business trip in her suitcase. Above all, I got a PERFECT CUSTOMERSERVICE from Sinful when I had to give up IT relationship with Miss Teasing TENGA. 5 stars overall. The 4 stars for ease are because it is a little difficult to clean, and 4for orgasm guarantee due to the lack of structure. The latter can be done if Fleshlight makes one for the well-equipped with structure. P.S. The wife’s Fleshlight might havea little more taint ;-) Learn more

5 5 1
Fleshlight Pink Lady Original

Stimulates and gives some amazing orgasm. Pink Lady fully lives up to my expectations and the experience is in many ways fully on par with intercourse. The product has a screw cap, which is easy to put on. Easy to clean and always ready for the next orgasm. Learn more

5 5 1

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