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Fun Factory Fun Cup Menstruation Cup 2-pack Size B
Fun Factory Fun Cup Menstruation Cup 2-pack Size B
Fun Factory Fun Cup Menstruation Cup 2-pack Size B
Fun Factory Fun Cup Menstruation Cup 2-pack Size B
Fun Factory Fun Cup Menstruation Cup 2-pack Size B
Fun Factory Fun Cup Menstruation Cup 2-pack Size B

Fun Factory Fun Cup Menstruation Cup 2-pack Size B

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Product Description

Fun Cup is an ergonomically and environmentally friendly alternative to sanitary towels and tampons from the popular Fun Factory. It is offered here in a practical 2-pack in size B.

You get freedom to play sport, use the sauna or enjoy erotic play even if it is that time of the month. The cup collects menstruation blood and can be emptied and rinsed when need be, but no longer than 12 hours later.

Fun Cup can be used by women of all ages and comes in 2 sizes. Siza B is slightly larger and therefore suitable for a heavier flow, women over the age of 30 or those who have given vaginal birth.

This practical silicone cup is anatomically formed to follow the curves of your body and give you maximum assurity. Included is a storage bag to make it easy to store and discreet to take with on the go.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Medical silicone.
MEASUREMENT: Size B (blue and purple) 2.5 inches, 1.5 inch in diameter, 30 ml.
CAN BE USED BY: Women of all ages.
USAGE TIME: Empty and clean when need be (but wear max. 12 hours a time).
USER GUIDE: English, German.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews (4)
A very good choice

I thought these menstrual cups from Fun Factory were very good. Easy to insert and remove, don’t notice that it is there. I like the end piece, it does not "stick", as those who have a long thin end piece can do. So these have become my new favorites. Learn more

5 5 1
Different and better

These menstrual cups require a little more from the user than the usual ones. You have to think about which way to put it in and there are no small air holes on them, so it’s trickier to let out the vacuum. I've been using menstrual cups for several years and struggle a little with Fun Factory's. BUT: I have a backwards uterus and have hadproblems with normal menstrual cups lying twisted and pressing on the bladder. These cups are soft and slightly bent, so I can walk for hours without feeling like I want topee. Good buy! Learn more

5 4 1
Too tight for a B Cup

When I read the description here, it was clear to me that of course I had to have a size. B. I am a heavy bleeder and I have given birth to 4 children. Now I have been playing with the Fun cup for a few days, The shape as such suits me very well. It's easy to fold and bring in, but it's just as if there's not enough room for it to unfold. Why I hadto ask my husband for advice on how much space he thought I had up there. Whether it can really fit that I am too tight, for the cup that was recommended for women who havegiven birth. Bold confirmation to get when you mistakenly go and think that your abdomen is a bit like a pot to touch when I am not tensing up. Then you are someone like me.If you have trained your abdomen well after you have given birth to your children, you have an active sex life filled with lots of orgasms, and or you have trained with Yonieggs, then it could also be that an A cup would suit you better. Learn more

5 5 1
The best menstrual cup!

I have tried different menstrual cups, but this is clearly the best! The material, the shape - it all plays. You just have to experiment a bit with introducing it, but once you have learned the technique (which you do quickly), it is a hit. Learn more

5 5 1

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