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Icicles No 27 Glass Butt Plug
Icicles No 27 Glass Butt Plug
Save 37%
Save 37%
Icicles No 27 Glass Butt Plug
Icicles No 27 Glass Butt Plug
Icicles No 27 Glass Butt Plug

Icicles No 27 Glass Butt Plug

4.5 (3)
£39.99 £24.99

Product discontinued
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Product Description

The plug is 5.5 inches long , so we suggest you have anal stimulation experience if you want to try this plug in your play.

It is really elegant and feminine, just perfect if you appreciate and put importance on quality, aesthetics and effective anal stimulation. The glass plug has the normal shape that characterises most butt plugs, and in addition a foot to ensure it stays where it should.


The upper part of the plug has an extra detail where a “string” of glass is “tied” around the plug.

It is very satisfying to use and so easy to insert. Whether you use a silicone or water based lubricant , you will most certainly enjoy your experience.

Icicles No.27 27 is a beautiful stylish butt plug that is handmade from allergy friendly glass. It is a soft pink colour and therefore very feminine (however, it can be used by both sexes).Moreover, it very robust and suitable for hard playOver and above everything else, a glass dildo will last many years, and an advantage is that you can warm or cool down your dildo for an extra stimulating experience.

Lay it either in your freezer/fridge or in a bowl of warm water before using.

This plug is unbelievably easy to clean (with sex toy cleaning spray) and can even get washed in a dishwasher.

Additional Information

LENGTH: 6.5 inches.
WIDTH: 0.5 - 1.5 inch (from the smallest to the widest part)
WEIGHT: 241 g.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews (3)
The best glass plug!

The two-piece shape of the pin is the best I have experienced! Of course, there are different preferences, but I still dare to recommend it without reserves. Glass is the perfect material for its slipperiness, and at different temperatures, it creates extra-exciting sensations. The plug is not the easiest in terms of size, but patience andcaution will reward with great satisfaction even a beginner :) The product is not as red as in the pictures, but closer to bright. Still pretty aesthetic. Learn more

5 5 1
WOW Icicles No 27 Glass Butt Plug

This Glass Butt Plug fully fulfils its purpose with regard to anal stimulant. An advantage is that it is Glass, you do not have to be afraid of its size, when using Oil or Lubricant, the product seems very very reliable. Take it easy with this Glass Butt Plug for hand warming and yes it is wider than a Dildo but again it is not a problem - it isgreat. Another thing is that it also seems stable during use despite the size and then it stays seated without it feeling wrong - it can be enjoyed 100%. My sexualsatisfaction and enjoyment has become 4 x double by switching from various products to GLASS, the same is my perception of hygiene in the same I have just ordered another Nr.of Icicles Dildos and is up to four and again I can only highly recommend also Icicles No 27 Glass Butt Plug it is a really good supplement. Good luck. It is the peak ofenjoyment ....! Learn more

5 5 1

It is easy to use once you get used to it. If you are a beginner with anal, I would suggest that you start out with a smaller model, and otherwise use plenty of lube. The grooves can really be felt, which is very positive! The only minus is that it is quite hard, precisely because it is made of glass. Can definitely recommend it to others. Learn more

5 4 1

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