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Gun Oil Water Based Lubricant 237 ml
Gun Oil Water Based Lubricant 237 ml
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Gun Oil Vandbaseret Glidecreme 237 ml  1

Gun Oil Water Based Lubricant 237 ml

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Product Description

Gun Oil H2O is a durable water-based lubricant. Gun Oil Lubricant was specially developed for men and has the combined function of working well with both sex toys and condoms.

When you use lubricant with sex toys you get a more comfortable and realistic experience.

Gun Oil lubricant contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin-E in the formula.

Produced in the USA.

Additional Information

TYPE: Water-based lubricant.
CONTENT: 237 ml.
SCENT: Mild neutral.
LANGUAGE: English, French.
HEIGHT, BOTTLE: 6.6 inches.

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Customer Reviews (5)
The best slipper

For myself, this has been the best lubricant I have tried. I myself have always had a wetting problem, so I need lube every time I have sex. This one has worked brilliantly to help with that. It doesn’t really smell / stink like anything, and neither do you need to keep applying more all the time! Quite a 5/5 product! :) Learn more

5 5 1
Favorite to use with Fleshlight

This is a lube I have looked for in a lot at several Norwegian retailers, and I was very happy to see that Sinful.no had it in store As the title says, this is my personal favorite to use with a Fleshlight. It is thin-flowing which makes it easy to apply, and provides good lubricity and lasts long considering it’s water-based Should it startto dry out, you can add a few drops of water, then it’s just as nice again! After use, the skin feels smooth and fine. Give this a big plus because it is both hypoallergenicand free of parabens. To date, I have nothing to complain about regarding this lube. Learn more

5 5 1
Some of the best lube to use with Fleshlight

Highly recommended with Fleshlight. Gun Oil is known for being one of the best lubes to use with Fleshlight, very good lubricity and lasts a long time. Very happy with Gunoil. Sinful is one of the few that sells it, hope you continue selling it. Learn more

5 5 1
Some of the best :)

This product is very smooth and the lubricity is very good, plus it tastes good and smells good the only minus is that is becomes a little slimy and glue-like after use when it starts to dry out and best to wash the penis right after use. Otherwise it is one of the best lubes I’ve used :) Learn more

5 5 1

an incredibly hot mixture of a feeling of oil and water in a product - good viscosity and does not clump - even when it starts to dry in - fat packaging and good value for money - definitely a repurchase for me Learn more

5 5 1

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