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I.O.U Erotic Game for Couples
I.O.U Erotic Game for Couples
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I.O.U Erotic Game for Couples

I.O.U Erotic Game for Couples

4.4 (5)
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Product Description

I.O.U is a fun erotic game for couples who are turned on by intimacy and kinky experiences together.

The game is about sharing your erotic fantasies with each other, with help from the included cards. You decide how long you want to play.

The game gives you tips and tricks for, amongst other things, new sex positions and how to improve the 'good 'ol' positions.

I. O. U is pocket-sized, so you can have your erotic game with on a cosy, intimate weekend away.

There are 42 cards in the game.

Additional Information

RULES: Simple.
LANGUAGE: English.

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Customer Reviews (5)
oxledsvägen 93 lgh1102

very cute .. I like it

5 5 1

Only 30% of the cards are fun. The rest are very complicated things, for example. "a get away weekend for two". They are also often unclear about who the card is for: the one who took it or the other? Buy a real game instead. Learn more

5 2 1
Best thing that has happened to me

This one has helped me so much. My boyfriend and I had a pretty dry sex life before we bought this. Same thing all the time when we now had sex, and it was not often. Could go a few months in between but this one spiced up our sex life so much. There are no boring moments in the bedroom anymore;) Learn more

5 5 1
So cosy

Mega fan. It's really nice :)

5 5 1

Haven't tried it yet, looking forward to meeting him I want to play it with

5 5 1

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