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Jes Extender Original Gold Standard Penis Enlarger
Jes Extender Original Gold Standard Penis Enlarger
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Jes Extender Original Gold Standard Penis Enlarger
Jes Extender Original Gold Standard Penis Enlarger

Jes Extender Original Gold Standard Penis Enlarger

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Product Description

Jes Extender Gold was invented and designed by a doctor; the device since 1995 has been recommended by doctors worldwide for the enlargement of the penis.

Jes Extender Penis enlarger is easy to use and one of the best products to choose if you wish to increase your penis size. So far, over 500,000 men have achieved documented medical results .

Jes Extender’s results depend on how long you have used the product, and you can use it for as long as you want until you are satisfied with the size increase. The more hours you use your Jes Extender, the bigger and longer the result will be.

The results will be permanent, even after you have stopped using the extender. After the start-up period it is recommended to use Jes Extender for 5-6 hours per day (for instance while sleeping), which will produce results already after 2-3 months.

Jes Extender Gold is coated in 24 carat gold, with a 5 year guarantee on the product.

With the exclusive gold version you also receive extra elongation bars, cohesive gauze, silicone tube and a velcro strap.

N.B.! The ring which is placed around the base of the penis has a diameter of ca. 1.5 inch. Please be aware of that in case your penis is wider than that (when not erect).

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Stainless steel coated in 24 carat gold, medical plastic.
LENGTH: The Jes Extender can be used if your penis is between 1.5 inch and 8.5 inches long when not erect, but stretched out.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews (3)
I grew and grew, and it just grew

Awesome and great invention. Stretching works wonderfully with this one. Easy to use and even comfortable.

5 5 1
this product works.

8 out of 10, points, will tell you briefly, only I am dissatisfied with the tightening system around the glans, otherwise, 10 out of 10, in short, I got noticeable results from only 3 days of use! I do not lie. This product works, but, like a lot in life so it is very individual, I got a desire, but, what I got that is incredible is that my headbecame, enormously large in size, very large, almost so that it looked very large, so I cannot not tell more about it, but the head became so large that I had problems to getit in the vagina on a lot of babes even the length became longer, however moderately, but I recommend this product, really, because I know, I had one, and it works, but when Imoved, I got rid of it, but will now buy again, best regards, johnny Learn more

5 5 1
Best product ever

Have tried all penis extender for I had no confidence in my penis but after using this gold extender with several options it has boosted my penis and it is very easy to use and the product arrived very quickly, I give it 5 stars. Learn more

5 5 1

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