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Joyboxx Hygienic Storage System
Joyboxx Hygienic Storage System
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Joyboxx Hygienic Storage System

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Product Description

Joyboxx is a super smart box for storing all of your sex toys. It is spacious without being too big, and weighs very little. It is an obvious choice to take with you on holiday or on a weekend away.

In the box is a small shelf you can lay your sex toys to dry after cleaning or use as a divider. On the back is a small hole you can thread a charger wire through when you want to charge your sex toys. This makes it more discreet. 

Included is a combo-lock, so you can lock your box and keep your toys undisturbed. On the top of the box is a small compartment where you can store various things. This compartment does not lock.

The box is made from food grade approved plastic and is both PVC-, BPA- and PHTHALATE-FREE and contains an antimicrobial substance that keeps it bacteria free. It is also dishwasher friendly.

Additional Information

MEASUREMENTS: LENGTH: 12.5 inches. Depth: 6.5 inches. Height: 4.5 inches.
INCLUDES: Storage shelf/divider and combo-lock.
WEIGHT: 480 g.

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Customer Reviews (3)
Bad padlock and not much space

Works great. Finally a place to store our toys. Could have been a little bigger, with 4 dildos and other small things there’s not going to be much space left. The padlock was lousy, it does not work at all. But overall, it certainly works. Learn more

5 4 1
Great, but smaller than I expected

How nice it is to finally have your toys stored away in a place that is beautiful and hygienic. The box is super discreet, and with an included ‘board’ to wash things after use. The only thing I do not understand is the compartment outside the box. Isn't the whole point of the box that you can lock it so no one has to see what you have? Icould have used the extra space in the box itself. Another thing is that the lock, for my product at least, was junk and broke when I first used it. Learn more

5 4 1
Super storage box

Super smart box for your toys. However, it was smaller than I had hoped. The small compartment at the top is smart for storing condoms etc., but I would have preferred the space was inside the box itself, as you cannot lock it. All in all, a really smart storage box. Learn more

5 5 1

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