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Joydivision Soft Tampons 10 Pack
Joydivision Soft Tampons 10 Pack
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Joydivision Soft Tampons 10 Pack

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Product Description

If you would like total freedom of movement when you are menstruating, then the Joydivision Soft Tampons are a must-have.

The stringless tampons are ergonomically shaped to fit the female form, so it is a comfortable alternative to regular tampons. With these tampons you can swim, practice sport, use the sauna and have sex while menstruating.

These soft tampon sponges are unbelievably easy to use. Wetting the sponges slightly or using lubricant would ease insertion. The tampons are single-use, and you should not use it for longer than 8 hours at a time.

Soft Tampons are made in Germany. They are dermatologically as well as clinically tested and gentle on the body. Each pack contains 10 tampons.

Additional Information

CONTAINS: Soft tampons (soft sponge).
BODY-FRIENDLY: Yes, does not contain any harmful substances.
SIZE: 2 inches long and 2 inches wide on the longest part.
USER GUIDE: English, German, etc.

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Customer Reviews (4)
The tampon for diving single girls!

Bought these before my diving trip to Crete. They worked a treat for many hours on a boat and in a diving suit without a toilet nearby (even for me who bleeds quite a lot), and for that evening's hot date. Highly recommended !!! Learn more

5 5 1
Works perfectly!

You can have sex with them without any blood! Fantastic!

5 5 1

I could not do without them, because they have held 100% when having sex during my period. It takes a little ingenuity to get them out, but practice makes perfect;) and it's worth the effort. Can absolutely recommend this product! Learn more

5 5 1
Impressive effect!

How wonderful that they work, so you can have sex during menstruation!!!! Haven't experienced any blood whatsoever during intercourse! However, I did have a little difficulty getting it out and had to fill my vagina with water. The effect overshadows any difficulties though! Learn more

5 5 1

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