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Joydivision Wet Games Luxury Sheet
Joydivision Wet Games Luxury Sheet
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Joydivision Wet Games Luxury Sheet
Joydivision Wet Games Luxury Sheet
Joydivision Wet Games Luxury Sheet
Joydivision Wet Games Luxury Sheet

Joydivision Wet Games Luxury Sheet

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Product Description

The Wet Games Luxury Sheet is designed for those who love wet play. Cover the bed with the Wet Games sheet and make play a little more fun.

The sheet is made from durable plastic, and can in fact handle being machine washed at up to 95 degrees Celcius, which in itself makes it even more attractive and fun to play on.

The sheet measures at 70.9 x 102.5 inches.

The producer Joydivision has had this sheet approved and dermatologically tested.

N.B.! Must not be tumble dried!

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Robust plastic.
COLOURS: Black, red.
SIZE: 70.9 x 102.5 inches.
MACHINE WASHABLE: Yes, up to 95 degrees Celcius.
USER GUIDE: English.

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Customer Reviews (5)
Higher-quality sheet.

A positive experience, this is much better than those cheapest-quality pvc sheets. The material is thinner and lighter, one side is matte, i.e. more breathable, and the other side is smoother. That less smooth side is just perfect for a long massage, and it doesn’t stick onto the abdomen right away. Learn more

5 4 1
Good product.

Well satisfied, lived up to expectations and did its "job". Worth the money, absolutely.

5 5 1
Incredibly hot

A sheet that is not at all like other kinky sheets You can clearly feel that here is something really hot and a huge plus it can be washed in the washing machine Clear recommendation to others Learn more

5 5 1
Another limit exceeded

Mega naughty for us as you do not have to make sure that something is smeared into, yes everything possible. Directly in the washing machine afterwards

5 5 1

We had intended the sheet as protection of the bed etc. in connection with squirting. It is large and bulky and can be washed. We had hoped that the sheet would be a little softer and a little bit more absorbent. Liquids and water after washing bounce off, and with a little unfortunate handling you can end up opposite what was the purpose of thesheet. A slightly smaller plastic-like surface would also make pleasure greater Learn more

5 3 1

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