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Kink In Deep Snake Anal Chain
Kink In Deep Snake Anal Chain
Kink In Deep Snake Analkæde  1
Kink In Deep Snake Analkæde  2
Kink In Deep Snake Analkæde  3
Kink In Deep Snake Analkæde  4

Kink In Deep Snake Anal Chain

5.0 (2)
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Product Description

Are you ready for extra challenging anal play? Then In Deep Snake from Kink is a really good choice.

Now you can experiment with extreme length and see how long you can take it. In Deep Snake has a great and innovative design with a long small body and tapered head for effortless insertion.

At the bottom is a 2 inches large base for safe play, should you reach the finish line. The anal chain has a titillating pattern, both for better grip and for increased stimulation, as it inserts centimetre by centimetre.

The anal chain is manufactured from flexible silicone and is Vac-U-Lock compatible for harness play. It has an impressive length of 19.5 inches.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Silicone.
LENGTH: 19.5 inches.
DIAMETER BASE: 2 inches.

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Customer Reviews (2)

Small for its length but still works well. Pretty stiff but still compliant, thought it would bend when used with vac-u-lid. There is a pattern on the surface that is small but noticeable. Learn more

5 5 1
It is nothing short of amazing.

Kink In Deep Snake Anal Chain fully lives up to my expectations. I had been looking for a very long time for something long and slim that could reach really far in without doing any harm. The anal chain was not quite as thin as I had imagined, but it is not a problem if you just warm up properly and use plenty of lube. The material is very nice,flexible and yet firm enough to keep the direction all the way in. With a dominant partner, the play can be varied endlessly, and the small thickening at the front of the"head" of the hose, there is no doubt about where it is when it is pushed further in, or gently pulled out a little. While the tube is deep inside, the partner caneasily get fingers in along, thus giving fullness around the anus. The orgasm that comes while filling the whole system is incomparable! It is soft and comfortable and slideseasily. Since you choose how far it will go in (agree it in advance with your partner!), It is also suitable for those who just think that the idea that the partner has theopportunity to come in completely is exciting. Learn more

5 5 1

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