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Kinklab Lube Shooter Lubricant Applicator
Kinklab Lube Shooter Lubricant Applicator
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Kinklab Lube Shooter Lubricant Applicator
Kinklab Lube Shooter Lubricant Applicator
Kinklab Lube Shooter Lubricant Applicator
Kinklab Lube Shooter Lubricant Applicator
Kinklab Lube Shooter Lubricant Applicator

Kinklab Lube Shooter Lubricant Applicator

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Product Description

Lube Shooter lubricant applicator is a set consisting of 1 applicator and 3 tubes. It is ideal for the insertion of all types of lubricant without messing or dripping.

How to use the Lube Shooter:
Pour your favourite lubricant into a clean glass/bowl and place one of the tubes with the applicator in the glass and pull up the applicator. The lubricant gets sucked up the tube, and then the Lube Shooter is ready to be inserted where ever you wish.

Thereafter, push the applicator all the way to the base to insert the lubricant.

Lube Shooter is produced as a single-use product. It is possible to clean the applicator thoroughly. Lube Shooter can both be used anally and vaginally.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Plastic.
QUANTITY: 3 x tubes, 1 x applicator.
SIZE: 5 x 1 inch.
USER GUIDE: English.

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Customer Reviews (5)
A must

It is so much easier with a syringe than to add lube from the outside, that I would say that a syringe (and a shower) is something you must have for a good experience of anal sex. Especially considering that both are quite inexpensive. The syringe does the job. It is easy to fill directly from the tube and can be used again with proper washing.Enough lubricant quickly and smoothly makes all the difference, both with rubber and natural. Learn more

5 3 1
Anal sex without unnecessary mess!

These are great! Perfect for prepping your bottom before anal sex. They are easy to insert using a little lube, and they need a significant amount of lube. By smearing the lube into the buttocks instead of on the outside of the anus, the effect is much better. Recommended! Learn more

5 5 1
Really naughty for foreplay

These are really good for foreplay, and get the lube to where it works best, namely inside. Allows for easier penetration, and together with anal relaxing spray it provides many opportunities for beginners in the field. Can definitely also be recommended to the experienced. Learn more

5 4 1
Practical little helper for naughty games

Great for use when, for example, you want to play expansion games ... here you can easily and simply ensure a sliding expansion both in depth and and at the opening. That way, you don't have to constantly switch between filling and expanding. Learn more

5 4 1
Helps a lot in making temperature higher ...

Show it to your girlfriend and you will get a naughty reaction immediately - curiosity is always a good thing when you want to play a little with your loved one. Small things that help a lot in starting "it all" - can be put exactly where you need its favourite "aids". Thanks to the Lube Shooter, one can also avoid wasting lotsof lube. Also recommended for anyone who is tired of stains and cleaning after play. Learn more

5 5 1

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