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LELO Luna Beads
LELO Luna Beads
LELO Luna Beads
LELO Luna Beads
LELO Luna Beads
LELO Luna Beads
LELO Luna Beads

LELO Luna Beads

4.7 (5)
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Product Description

Effective pelvic floor training will tighten up your muscles and give you longer, stronger and easier-to-achieve orgasms.

Both midwives and gynaecologists recommend pelvic floor training for before and after childbirth; Luna fitness beads can help. Suitable for all women, from the novice to the experienced. It is also helpful for women who have just given birth and who suffer from incontinence. Note: Balls can also be found in a smaller size on the sinful.co.uk webshop, which is intended for women under 30 years old or who have not yet given birth.

LELO Luna pelvic floor fitness beads consists of 4 plastic balls and a soft ball frame made of silicone. Two balls weigh 28 g each, and the other 2 weighs 37 g. You can even mix and match balls as you see fit. Start out with the lightweight balls or maybe just one ball (as used without a ball frame), if you are a beginner. Increasing the ball weight will result in a stronger pelvic floor.

Set the desired balls in the soft white ball framework. Before inserting the balls, pinch and squeeze on them. When you want to exercise your pelvic floor, start by pinching from your anus and just move it forward to your vaginal muscles. Continue this exercise in small five-minute increments.

The Kegel balls sit in an extremely durable silicone cord that you carefully pull when you need to take out the balls.

We recommend that you lubricate the balls before insertion. It will feel even more comfortable. LELO's own lubricant is perfect for this purpose.

Luna balls can be cleaned with LELO's own cleaning spray, which is designed for all LELO's products.

Luna beads come in a beautiful box, which includes a satin bag for storage.

N.B.! LELO Luna Kegel balls has been recommended by doctors and sexologists in the American talk show The Doctors.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Quality ABS and silicone.
SIZE: 3,5 x 1,3 x 0.5 inch.
BALL DIAMETER: 1.5 inch.
MEASUREMENT, Leash: Approximately 3.5 inches.
WEIGHT: 2 of 28 g. and 2 of 37 g.
USER MANUAL: English and Swedish.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews (5)

Have only used these a few times but really like them! Comfortable with good weight and easy to clean. I always get a little excited when I use them and look forward to stronger orgasms when I train. Learn more

5 5 1
Wonderful pearls...

Really notice a difference in my orgasms when I have used them. I thought my orgasms were intense before so after these it became mindblowing! Use these as often as possible, wonderful feeling. I love Lelo. Learn more

5 5 1
Wrong size

Once again, Lelo has developed a high-quality product. Incredibly good quality, very smooth and in the same way it feels really good. However, these were far too light and large for me. I do not have to work hard to keep them inside, they just rock a little. I am 24 years old, have relatively strong pelvic muscles and have not given birth to achild. Planning to get on the game soon, so I'm saving these! Learn more

5 4 1
Love them!

The balls have a small weight in them that moves and almost vibrates when you walk fast, go up stairs or the like. Absolutely fantastic foreplay if you’re going out before an appointment. Had the blue bullets of 2x37grams inside when I was at my job in the store. Wanted to have them in all day to get me ready to meet my husband after work for anintimate session. We had a total of six rounds where I had an orgasm every time, and he poor thing only came once. This was a type of foreplay I will repeat many more times. Learn more

5 5 1
Training after births

Wanted some balls with different weights so I could train up. That gives Lelo Luna me. I had a Caesarean section and gave birth normally once too. The first birth was unremarkable, but the last (now 3.3 years ago) I have always had problems after. Now it was time to do something about it. I have tried the pink light 4 times, a 10-20minutes. During that time, I push it up again several times as it keeps falling out. With this experience, I am now just even happier that I chose one with more weight and amactually scared of how bad my muscles are. Learn more

5 5 1

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