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LELO Luna Beads Mini Kegel Balls
LELO Luna Beads Mini Kegel Balls
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LELO Luna Beads Mini Kegel Balls

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Product Description

Effective Pelvic Floor training will tighten up your muscles and give you longer, stronger and easier to achieve orgasms.

Both midwives and gynaecologists recommend Pelvic Floor training for before and after childbirth, which Luna fitness beads can help with. LELO Luna Beads Mini is specially designed for those who are under 30 or those who have not yet given birth, and therefore still have a strong pelvic floor. Note! Are you over 30 years old or have given birth, we recommend the regular size pelvic balls from LELO, which can also be purchased here in the shop.

LELO Luna pelvic floor fitness kegel balls consists of 4 plastic balls and a soft ball frame in silicone. 2 balls weigh 28 g and the other 2 weighs 37 g. You can even mix and match balls as you see fit. Start out with the lightweight balls or maybe just one ball (used without the ball frame), if you are a beginner. The more you increase your exercise load, the stronger you become.

Set the desired balls in the soft white ball framework. Before inserting the balls, pinch and squeeze on them. When you want to exercise, your pelvic floor start with pinching from your anus and just move it forward to your vaginal muscles. Continue this exercise in small 5 minute increments

The Pelvic Floor beads sits in an extremely durable silicone cord that you carefully pull on when the beads must be taken out.

We recommend that you lubricate the balls before insertion. It will feel even more comfortable. LELO's own lubricant is perfect for this purpose.

Luna balls can be cleaned with LELO's own cleaning spray, which is designed for all LELO's products.

Luna beads are delivered in a beautiful box, which includes a satin bag for storage and a sample lubricant.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Quality ABS, silicone.
SIZE: 2.9 x 1.2 x 0.4 inches.
WEIGHT: 2 pcs. of 28 gr. and 2 pcs. of 37 gr.
DIAMETER: 1.1 inch.
LANGUAGE: English, Swedish.

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Customer Reviews (3)

I have always had a good eye for products from Lelo because the quality is top notch and Luna certainly does not disappoint! The design is so good and provides a great stimulation. Can only be recommended Learn more

5 5 1
Crazy about step by step weight

I have been using the bullets for a week and am pleasantly surprised. I had never tried such ones before, and was a little unsure of it. But it was so nice that the first day I could insert a pink without the container, and thus feel a little after before I started stepping up in weight. The next few days I did it with a single blue and now I amworking on two of the pink ones in the container. I think they are super easy to insert and it's hard to do wrong. I walk around with them and do what I do now at home with noproblems. They are easy to clean and the box is elegant and discreet to store away in the bathroom. I do not know yet if they work, but I can feel that work is being donedownstairs :) Learn more

5 5 1
Luna beads.

I was actually a little worried about safety when I bought this product (It would be terribly embarrassing to go to the doctor and have peeled a bullet out, not true those ladies), but the product works very much like a tampon. You just lie down on your back in bed, relax in the pelvis and put the ball up so that the string just sticks out, andthe ball is approx. 2 cm up in the vagina. You do not really feel the ball as such, but you know that it is there (just like with a tampon) and it naturally gives a certainfeeling of heaviness when you move, but other than that the product is quite comfortable to use, and does not very attentive to himself as I had feared. The product is easy toassemble and disassemble for cleaning, which is a clear plus in my book. An instruction book is also included in the box which may be worth reading. I do not yet know if theproduct works and gives the desired result, but I wonder if it feels like it works at least :) So in short, much easier, and much more comfortable product to use thanexpected. Learn more

5 5 1

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