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Liberator Fascinator Throw Merlot Luxury Sheet
Liberator Fascinator Throw Merlot Luxury Sheet
Liberator Fascinator Throw Merlot Luxury Sheet  1
Liberator Fascinator Throw Merlot Luxury Sheet  2
Liberator Fascinator Throw Merlot Luxury Sheet  3
Liberator Fascinator Throw Merlot Luxury Sheet  4

Liberator Fascinator Throw Merlot Luxury Sheet

5.0 (2)
Back in stock on 24/08/2022 - Contact customer service for resupply date.
Product Description

Would you and your partner like an extra wet, naughty and dirty sexual experience without having to worry about the furniture and bedding getting wet? Then the Liberator Fascinator Throw Merlot sheet is a great buy.

This luxury sheet has an internal moisture barrier that makes sure that lubricant, oil and other (bodily) fluids do not get through. It is ideal for those of you who want to enjoy your sex play without limits.

The sheet has an elegant and exclusive design that fits in discreetly with the rest of the decor. The one side is made in a silky soft velour fabric, while the other side is in a shiny, glossy satin-like material.

The Liberator Fascinator Throw Merlot is manufactured in the US. It measures 72 x 53.9 inches and is machine washable.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Polyester and nylon.
- Width: 53.9 inches
- Length: 72 inches.
LANGUAGE: English.

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Customer Reviews (2)

We loved these sheets! Will buy another one despite the high price, it is definitely worth the feeling of not lying on a cold sticky material even during ‘wet’ play. However, it doesn’t repel wet liquids as in the picture. You need to wash it every time to keep it fresh. However, I am happy to avoid lying on something cold and plastic,but prefer this which is soft and comfortable against the skin. Great product! " Learn more

5 5 1

My partner and I enjoy it very much together! This sheet has saved us from having to change furniture, haha! It feels very luxurious to lie on, it catches liquids really well when it works, ours has unfortunately given up so now it kind of just goes right through ... It lasted about a year. Learn more

5 5 1

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