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Liberator Jaz Sex Pillow
Liberator Jaz Sex Pillow
Liberator Jaz Sex Pillow

Liberator Jaz Sex Pillow

4.4 (5)
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Product Description

Would you like to take your favourite positions and make them even better, more comfortable, or try new positions? The Liberator Jaz will help you do exactly that.

This wedged-shaped pillow makes it so that you experience positions at a whole new angle. Try, for example, the missionary position and experience how the pillow helps achieve deeper penetration and better stimulation of a woman’s G-spot, until you both reach the peak of your satisfaction. The Liberator Jaz can also be used to support and relieve pressure, from what would normally be strenuous. The Liberator Jaz gives women a lot of freedom and strength for titillating movements in positions she would normally have to use a lot of strength, to hold her legs up to get penetration from another angle.

With the Liberator Jaz you get a soft and stable pillow, that puts comfort above the rest. The pillow retains its shape and does not move around when you use it; otherwise, you would end up with a rolled pillow or a folded rug.

The Liberator Jaz is both suitable for those with experience using such a pillow, as well as those who would like to try it for the first time. Use the pillow to discover sexual opportunities to achieve the most pleasure possible, regardless of how long you have been together.

Its modest size, low weight and discreet design, means that you can in actual fact take this pillow with on trips and travelling.

The Liberator Jaz has a cover that is machine washable. Internally, the pillow is upholstered in polyester, so that moisture or water can not get through to the sex pillow’s foam. The Liberator Jaz is 7 inches high, 14.5 inches wide and 19.5 inches long.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: The pillow is made with polyurethane covered in microsuede.
MEASUREMENTS:�7 inches x 14.5 inches x 19.5 inches.
USER GUIDE: English, German and more.

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Customer Reviews (5)
High quality, sturdy and maybe a little pricey

TL;DR: I highly recommend this pillow if you are looking for a very high quality and durable pillow for sex play or even beyond! First off, I will admit that these pillows were a bit of an impulse purchase because I am not in a relationship of any kind, so at least right away, I unfortunately couldn’t get to try them with a partner. But Istill do not regret my purchase, because yes, this pillow does have a use for singles like me! First, I was a bit hesitant as to whether such an average-sized "specialpillow" could support my "slightly overweight" body, since pillows usually get a bit flat under me (which isn't their fault – that's to be expected). But thematerial was much harder than I imagined, and I can say that yes, this pillow will definitely withstand even heavier stuff or people. However, it also has a nice"flexibility" to it, so you won’t be lying on top of a nicely-shaped stone. It shapes very naturally and comfortably according to the structure of your body. Sothis one is really nice to lie on, no matter where exactly you place it beneath you. The material of the coating is also incredibly soft against the skin. It does not make theskin sweaty, and it prevents really well the pad from slipping. It’s also really easy to take it off, for example, it you spill coffee or biological fluids on it and youneed to be wash it. The pillow has undeniably brought stimulation into my masturbation routine, and made it easier to reach an orgasm in certain positions. Also, I have usedwhile lounging at home. It’s a comfortable headrest for watching Netflix from the couch, and a footrest when I go to sleep. The only downside is the price of the product.But it seems to be due to that Liberator brand. In my opinion, Liberator has branded itself as a pioneer of sex furniture, and although the products are very high quality, atleast based on this pillow, I am pretty sure that very good quality and well-made pillows can be found for cheaper (even if they are not marketed as sex pillows). To answerthe question “is the product kinky?”, I say that in itself, this product is not kinky. It's a pillow. It is a shapely and good quality pillow, but a pillow nonetheless. Inmy opinion, the only thing that at first sight could possibly hint at the fact that it is a “sex pillow” is that great Liberator logo on the side. And even then, only tothose who already know the brand. I think this product is brilliantly suited for vanilla sex and kinky play alike. Only your imagination is the limit! Learn more

5 4 1

It is very beautiful, I like it, thank you

5 5 1
Very good.

Hurrapute. You lie comfortably and get good access. Not true that it does not slip away then, but it worked. ;)

5 3 1
Very handy pillow

A little tired of using soft pillows for bedroom play and that these are the same pillows you lay your head on afterwards? Then, look no further! Have had this pillow a couple of years now and used it a lot, and it really comes into its own! Function: Works great to lift her bottom up a bit (both in the missionary position or if she's lying on herstomach). Also very handy for relieving both knees if she is to sit in his lap (then he has it under his bottom). Especially for me with slightly bad knees, I am completelydependent on the relief this gives. Probably works fine in many other positions as well;) It is also good to have to rest the back, for example, for breakfast in bed, etc.!Look: The pillow is not THAT discreet, as the shape of it differs from most other things you probably have in the home, but it also does not scream out what it would normallybe used for. Whether you like the design/colors etc will always be a matter of taste. Personally, I think it is perfectly fine, and has nothing to complain about in terms ofshape, color or material. Since it is black, stains will show easily, but as with much else, you may not be so interested in using something that is dirty anyway (i.e. placingyour head on a pillow that is used for the same purpose). Material / durability: Easy and straightforward to wash the exterior cover. As I said, I have had this for a coupleof years now, and it is just as nice today as when it was new, without having "collapsed" in the middle or similar. The soft velvet cover does not slide off easily,so you do not have to adjust it that much, in addition, the cover does not move around as a normal pillowcase would do. All in all, a top product that I’d like to recommend! Learn more

5 4 1

I bought the pillow to surprise my husband and luckily he really liked it. It provides good support and is very comfortable. It is also easy to take with us so we have also used it for cheeky stops during long drives. It makes the trip to a family birthday much more fun :) We really like that you do not slip around on it, as we did when we usedregular pillows. It is a bit expensive, but we are well satisfied and frequently use the pillow. Learn more

5 5 1

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