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Liquorice Dip Anal Plug Set
Liquorice Dip Anal Plug Set
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Offer - 3 for £59.99
Liquorice Dip Anal Plug Sæt Product 1
Liquorice Dip Anal Plug Set
Liquorice Dip Anal Plug Set
Liquorice Dip Anal Plug Set
Liquorice Dip Anal Plug Set

Liquorice Dip Anal Plug Set

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Offer - 3 for £59.99
Product Description

The Liquorice Dip Anal Plug Set consists of 3 anal plugs of different sizes, for both intermediate and experienced users of anal stimulation toys. Use the set for pure pleasure and to train your anal muscles.

The three Liquorice Dip plugs are made from a flexible material with excellent glide when used together with a water-based anal lube, e.g. the Aquaglide Anal. 

Sizes of the three Liquorice Dip plugs:
The smallest anal plug is 10.2 in length with a 1.5-2.7 cm diameter. This plug has a built-in suction cup in the base and can therefore be attached to smooth, hard surfaces for hands-free pleasure. The medium-sized Liquorice Dip plug is 12.7 cm in length and has a diameter of 2-3.4 cm. The largest plug is 15.2 cm in length with a 2-4.8 cm diameter.

Remember to clean your Liquorice Dip anal plugs thoroughly after use. Cleaning ensures good hygiene and makes your plugs exquisitely ready to use next time. Clean them with warm water and maybe a sex toy cleaner for an even better result.

Additional Information

MEASUREMENTS: Small plug: Length 10.2 cm, width max. 2.7 cm. Medium plug: Length 12.7 cm, width max. 3.4 cm. Large plug: Length 15.2 cm, width max. 4.8 cm.
USER GUIDE: Dutch, English, French, German and more. 

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