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Liquorice Dip Anal Plug Set
Liquorice Dip Anal Plug Set
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Liquorice Dip Anal Plug Sæt Product 1
Liquorice Dip Anal Plug Set
Liquorice Dip Anal Plug Set
Liquorice Dip Anal Plug Set
Liquorice Dip Anal Plug Set

Liquorice Dip Anal Plug Set

4.9 (5)
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Product Description

The Liquorice Dip Anal Plug Set consists of 3 anal plugs of different sizes, for both intermediate and experienced users of anal stimulation toys. Use the set for pure pleasure and to train your anal muscles.

The three Liquorice Dip plugs are made from a flexible material with excellent glide when used together with a water-based anal lube, e.g. the Aquaglide Anal. 

Sizes of the three Liquorice Dip plugs:
The smallest anal plug is 10.2 in length with a 0.5 - 1 inch diameter. This plug has a built-in suction cup in the base and can therefore be attached to smooth, hard surfaces for hands-free pleasure. The medium-sized Liquorice Dip plug is 5 inches in length and has a diameter of 1 - 1.5 inch. The largest plug is 6 inches in length with a 1 - 2 inches diameter.

Remember to clean your Liquorice Dip anal plugs thoroughly after use. Cleaning ensures good hygiene and makes your plugs exquisitely ready to use next time. Clean them with warm water and maybe a sex toy cleaner for an even better result.

Additional Information

MEASUREMENTS: Small plug: Length 4 inches, width max. 1 inch. Medium plug: Length 5 inches, width max. 1.5 inch. Large plug: Length 6 inches, width max. 2 inches.
USER GUIDE: Dutch, English, French, German and more. 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews (5)

All three were bigger than I had expected, that might say something about how much of a beginner I am. Am satisfied and good with three different sizes so you can get used to it at your pace and then change up. Learn more

5 5 1
Affordable and nice

Nice plugs, would have liked a suction cup on all three. Very nice material in all, very smooth surface that easily slides in without overdose of lubricant and they do not feel "sharp" as some in harder materials can do. The little plug; perfect beginner plug, the shape fits well, the base is stable but malleable so it does not"pull out" the plug as some do. The suction cup makes it easy to experiment with scaffolding that is most comfortable Middle plug; nice size, good shape on the footso it does not "pull out". Size feels like the natural step up from small. However, the shape is a bit bumpy as it tends to slip out. You almost have to hold on toit sometimes. However, this also makes it work well without a suction cup if you want to play with it in other ways than just plugging, you simply have to see it as an analdildo rather than plug Large plug; very large step from medium to largest. I like that the steps become a bit bigger so there is actually a difference between them. Excitingchallenge when you want to go over the middle plug. It is still relatively nice as it is not so blunt in shape and is easy to practice with. However, it would have been niceto have a suction cup for it so it does not slip away when you play with it The plug fits well and fills up nicely. Almost guaranteed orgasm right the first time you manage toget in whole, both with respect to filling you up and the excitement of having succeeded In summary; very affordable kit for beginners and people with a little experience. Forexperienced people will probably be small and possibly slightly redundant Learn more

5 4 1
Recommended for beginners and experienced.

Have tried different buttplugs, but this set suits me the best. Delicious soft material and easy to wash. The little one has become too small for me, so I warm up with the medium plug. After a little foreplay, the wife lubricates the large plug with lubricant, then it is gently pressed in. You have to get ready before you push it all the way in,but when the whole plug is inside and fills up the anal, I get a fantastic experience and pleasure. It fits well and does not fall out. The big one is not for beginners, butwith plenty of lube and patience, you get an incredible experience. Learn more

5 5 1

Do not get bored of this set, have tried a lot of different butt plugs, but this one gives me the most pleasure. The smallest is too small for me, so I warm up with medium, then I move on to the big one. Do not forget to use plenty of lubricant. Learn more

5 5 1
Excellent set!

Clearly worth the money! The butt plugs are made of a really nice material, so the insertion can be fully enjoyed. However, the biggest one is a little big, so would definitely recommend the set for the more experienced. Learn more

5 5 1

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