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Male Edge Extra Penis Enlarger
Male Edge Extra Penis Enlarger
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Male Edge Extra Penis Enlarger
Male Edge Extra Penis Enlarger
Male Edge Extra Penis Enlarger
Male Edge Extra Penis Enlarger
Male Edge Extra Penis Enlarger
Male Edge Extra Penis Enlarger
Male Edge Extra Penis Enlarger

Male Edge Extra Penis Enlarger

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Product Description

With the Male Edge Extra penis enlarger you can notice the enlarging of the penis.

This is Male Edge Extra version, that has more equipment than the Basic version, and just a bit less than the Pro version. This version is for the man who would like to use the Male Edge over a long period of time, and can use the extra rubber rings.

Studies show that men who use the Male Edge, can increase their penis size by up to 60%.

It is clinically proven that after 3-6 months, the length of the penis can be increased by app. 30%.

Male Edge is comfortable and easy to use, which is why it is one of the best products in the world for men who dream of a bigger penis.

The ring on Male Edge encircling the penis at the root has a diameter of app. 2 inches. This you need to take note of if your penis is wider than that (when not erect).

Enlargement takes place via an extraction system that gradually elongates your penis. Your results depend on how many hours you use your Male Edge, so you can therefore use it as long as you want up until the size you want. The more hours you use your Male Edge, the bigger and longer the result will be.

The penis enlargement achieved will continue even from the day you decide to stop using your Male Edge.

Most men use their Male Edge for 6-18 months, 2-4 hours daily (some men use their Male Edge while sleeping).

The package contains:
- Male Edge Penis enlarger.
- Ruler.
- 2 rubber straps
- Male Edge travelling bag.
- Protection bag.
- Protection pad.

Difference between Male Edge Basic, Male Edge Extra and Male Edge Pro is defined based on how much equipment you want as part of your package. That means that there is not a difference between the actual enlargement equipment in the 3 versions.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Quality plastic.
PACKAGE INCLUDES: Male Edge Penis Enlarger, ruler/measurer, 2 x rubber rings, Male Edge travel bag, protection pouch and protection pad.
LENGTH:� Male Edge can stretch up until 8.5 inches, minimum length is 3 inches. (From the root of the penis to the glans/tip)

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews (2)
Gives consistent results, but the quality could have been better

I have now evaluated this for a little over four months, and since I have kept a log carefully, I can contribute my statistics. I have used it for a total of 158 hours, but today the plastic cracked in one "arm" so now it is unfortunately completely broken. Had hoped for better durability, as it says that you can see continued resultsfor up to 1000 hours. I saw a rather drastic increase in both length and girth already after the first 20 hours - 6% increased length and 5% increased girth in erectcondition. After 50 hours, the same figures were 11% plus in length and 13% (!) In circumference. After this, I reached some kind of peak, and saw no equally drasticincreases. I took a month off after 100 hours to see if the changes were permanent, and they certainly seem to be. Saw a decrease of a few percent at the end of the month, butI took it back already after the first time I started using it again. After a total of 158 hours, I have kept both length and circumference, and they stayed at 11.5% and 13%respectively. It is a pity that it has now broken down, as I would have liked to have continued and seen further results now that I know how effective it has been so far. Themost positive thing about this gadget is without a doubt the result it gives. Both length and circumference have increased significantly, and this applies to both erected andslaughtered condition. The real increase in slaughter condition was very welcome, as I am/was a "grower". Massive difference now! The absolute most negative thingbesides that it broke is that it is very difficult to learn to use. It took me many attempts before I found a technique that really worked - self-adhesive gauze bandage at thepharmacy and wrap it around the shaft just below the glans. The included twilight only caused more problems, so gauze is more or less a requirement if you encounter theproblem that you "slip out" of it. Is it worth the price? Absolutely, because it really gives results. But I would have really liked to see a little better buildquality, as this plastic can obviously crack. Do not know if there are spare parts to get hold of, but unfortunately I can not afford to order a new one, otherwise I wouldprobably have done it at once. Learn more

5 4 1
Does not work

Have now used it for a year between 2-6 hours a day. It was 14.3 cm when I started and now a year later it is 14.3 cm so that says it all. However, it seemed that I hold a little longer when I have sex with the wife who has been with it the whole time and she was the one who was measuring so we were both involved in it. However, must say thatafter half a year and no extra cm, Sinful gave me money back. Learn more

5 2 1

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