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Master Series Magnus Mighty Magnetic Balls
Master Series Magnus Mighty Magnetic Balls
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Master Series Magnus Mighty Magnetic Balls

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Product Description

Get acquinted with a new form of titillating stimulation thanks to the magnetic balls from Magnus Mighty.

The two powerful magnets are ideal for pinching parts all over the body. It increases the blood flow and with that, sensitivity and feeling. Use the balls as a part of kinky foreplay, or leave them in position during sexual intercourse for an extra intense experience.

The Magnus Mighty balls has a diameter of 0.5 inch, so it can easily be placed where it feels best, for eg. the glans, nipples or a third spot of your choice.

It can be cooled down or warmed up, if you wish to add the element of temperature to your play.

Additional Information

QUANTITY: 2 balls.
DIAMETER: 0.5 inch.
WEIGHT: 4 g.

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Customer Reviews (3)
Refrigerator magnets

However, I was warned by Sinful in advance. But they sure are powerful. It's way too much, so now they've become damn good fridge magnets.

5 3 1
Surprisingly good.

I had been looking at them for a long time, and finally I got myself to try. I'm glad I chose the small ones and not the slightly larger version. They squeeze well! And if you put them on just below the nipple, then they are really good. I try them on the boyfriend, as I had seen they could be used on him too. ‘Honeeeeeeey, come here for a second...’. However, they are not so strong that they can sit as shown in the picture. Which is good, since it's why I was a little scared :D. So if you want something thatsqueezes well, then these are definitely worth the money. Learn more

5 5 1
They hurt too much

They are too powerful for me and hurt a lot, and they were difficult to remove without more pain.

5 2 1

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