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Metal Chastity Device with Lock
Metal Chastity Device with Lock
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Metal Kyskhedsbælte med Lås  1

Metal Chastity Device with Lock

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Product Description

Robust and stylish metal chastity device. It is perfect for titillating domination play.

This chastity device falls on the luxury end of the scale - it is both robust and durable, and with it is grid-like appearance its very stylish look.

The chastity device consists of two parts. One penis ring and a penis cage. The two parts are assembled with the included padlock. When you open the padlock the cock ring releases itself from the penis cage and can be removed.

There are 2 keys included with the padlock.

The cock ring has an internal diameter of approx. 2 inches. The part that goes on the penis is approx. 5.5 inches long.

How to attach this metal chastity device:
- Place this penis ring over the penis and scrotum.
- Place the penis cage on the penis.
- Lock the 2 parts with the padlock.

Additional Information

LENGTH PENIS PART: Approx. 5.5 inches.
WEIGHT: Approx. 193 g.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews (5)
Good for beginners but not for advanced

Bought this as my first cage and was immediately struck by how robust it is, can not crack or twist it to get out. It is easy to put on, but be careful that the skin is not pinched by the small spikes. Fits well and the entire penis fits exactly even when standing, so the perfect beginner cage for those who want to test the thing. On the otherhand, the lock is of a rather bad cut, it looks robust but already after a week the chrome wears off. It is also easy to cultivate with e.g. a paper clip. I recommend that youbuy a slightly more serious padlock. Another major disadvantage is that it can be easily pulled to the side so that the penis comes out when slaughtered (completely impossiblewhen standing). However, the cage does not come off because it does not release the bullets. I think it is a good product for you who want to test a little, use it duringintercourse itself or e.g. tease with it (penis is easily accessible for e.g. locked BJ). I do not recommend it for carrying for a long time because it is easy to get out ofand slightly large. But good beginner thing for couples! Learn more

5 3 1
The key broke

The cage has good quality but the inside of the lock is very basic so the key got stuck in the lock and came off. The lock was easy to cultivate but recommends that you fix your own lock. Learn more

5 3 1
Perfect for beginners

This is a relatively large cage that is perfect for beginners, and perhaps those that remain very large when they are slack. For reference, I am about 17cm hard and this cage is filled only when I have blood circulating in the penis. When I am completely slack, the cage is perhaps half full and can sometimes almost fall off. Experienced should lookat other cages, I myself will soon buy a smaller one to test with. The cage itself is very robust, but the keys are of poor quality, and have both broken very quickly. You caneasily open the lock without a key, which is good considering how easily the keys can break, but maybe less fun if you have to hand it over to someone. However, this can beeasily fixed by running a small lock in the nearest store. Learn more

5 4 1
The ring is so tight-fitting

After repeated attempts, I have given up on getting this on at all. I am an average size and it is barely possible to squeeze in one testicle at a time, but even that doesn’t happen without discomfort. I had possibly managed to get the penis in there as well with enough lube, but that would be really tight. Learn more

5 1 1
Horniness and kinky dominance

The ring sits nicely tight so you can really feel that you have it on and with the weight in the whole cage just makes one more horny. It is a super hot product that can be a bit tricky to get on, but when it sits there, it is not at all possible to describe how nice a feeling it brings in one. I recommend this to anyone who wants a greatexperience of horniness and naughty dominance. Learn more

5 5 1

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