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Mister B Nipple Suction Cups
Mister B Nipple Suction Cups
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Mister B Nipple Suction Cups

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Product Description

Suction cups for the nipples stimulate your nipples and take your pleasure to new heights.

How to use the Mister B Nipple Suction Cups:
Make sure your nipples are wet, squeeze the suction cups together and insert them over your nipples. When you release the suctions cups, they will create a vacuum, sucking on to your nipples.

Try them out and don’t leave them on for too long the first time you use them. Once you get them to fit really well to your nipples, you can wear them all day. They are designed to be used by both men and women.

Additional Information

LENGTH: 1.2 inch
DIAMETER: 0.5 inch.
LANGUAGE: English.

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Customer Reviews (5)
Impressive and effective

Great suction cups with enough power. The suction cups also stay well in place and are suitably manly.

5 5 1

Perfect size that sucks well and gives a great result. Super happy!

5 5 1
Really good - but...

My wife, who has relatively small nipples, thought they were super good "they were felt all over the body and the effect lasts for a long time because they are strong". But - the edges could be softer, then are quite sharp on the inside. Overall: good and "they do what they should" :-) Learn more

5 4 1
cheap quality

The suction cups are rather small compared to the other suction cups sold on the website, and are best suited for small nipples. Easy to get in place, fit well, simple and sexy design, and easy to clean. The material has a strong rubber smell, so they should probably be aired for a few days before use. The rubber is thick and stiff, and theedges are very sharp (and unclean), so I found it very uncomfortable to wear them without having removed the sharp edges (and impurities, of course) with scissors first. Boththe design and the material had a cheap feel to them. So if you don’t like the smell of rubber or can’t be bother to spend time trimming the suction cups, buy a slightlymore expensive product of a better quality. All in all, it's an OK product for people who want to try something new (after airing and customising it), but I probably would notbuy it again. Learn more

5 2 1
An excellent product

In short, it is not a purchase I regret. It was cheap and I got a richer experience. The suction cups are made of some rubber reminiscent of bicycle tires, and the smell is therefore not particularly kinky - but on the other hand, it is not often that I am personally turned on by the smell of sex toys. The design is robust. They are almostimpossible to destroy with normal use, and easy to clean! They were surprisingly good at enlarging my nipples with me as a man, so it was easier to go over to my nipples. Ihave experimented with putting clamps elsewhere on the body and it is worth mentioning, for those who are like me, that suction cups do an incredibly good job in terms ofinflicting pain when putting them on the scrotum. Learn more

5 3 1

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