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Monogamy Erotic Board Game
Monogamy Erotic Board Game
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Monogamy Erotic Board Game
Monogamy Erotic Board Game
Monogamy Erotic Board Game

Monogamy Erotic Board Game

3.8 (5)
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Product Description

Dim the lights, turn off the phone and get ready to have a hot affair with your partner as you play through the sensual and erotic Monogamy board game. It will spice things up between you and open up new sides of your relationship.

This board game will make you a little more loving, smiling and excited after just a few throws of the dice. During play you will experience exciting, hilarious and sexy challenges. 

The game features three levels of intensity for personalised play: intimate, passionate and steamy. It reaches its climax with the winner choosing one of the 50 fantasies to act out. Some of the cards have a "Treat" action that you carry out over in the days and weeks to come, which helps keep that special feeling of closeness long after the board's been packed away.

Monogamy is in English and very easy to understand. The game consists of a 18.9 x 7.4 inches game board, 100 playing cards for him, 100 playing cards for her, 50 fantasy map cubes and play tokens.

Additional Information

MEASUREMENTS: Approx. 15.7 x 7.8 x 3 inches.
WEIGHT: Approx. 950 g.
GAME DURATION: Approx. 90 mins.
LANGUAGE: English.
INCLUDED: Game board, 250 playing cards, and play tokens.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews (5)
Incredibly fun!

This really is a door opener to rooms you did not know existed. I have tried this with 2 partners (not at the same time) and we have learned a lot from this game. The brilliant thing is that you bring things up in a way that would otherwise be difficult to perhaps even talk about. Definitely worth every penny Learn more

5 5 1
Pretty overrated

Given the many positive claims, I bought this game as a naughty and romantic surprise for the wife. But now we have tried it a few times and unfortunately have to state that we do not really all that excited about it. Many of the challenges are neither fun nor naughty, but just lame and flat. You really have to have a boring sex life in advance toexperience the game as an enrichment. And no, it's not because we're having a hard time understanding English, but there's a very British conservative shortcoming in thewording, which suggests that the author really himself thinks he's moved very close to the limit of the offensive. But we think it's pretty boring. Sorry. So it is not thebiggest erotic work since Kamasutra. Maybe we just already have a good imagination and a good sex life that does not need that kind of inspiration. Learn more

5 2 1
Exciting games for couples

Was really pleasantly surprised by this game. Many exciting challenges and questions. Starts quiet and becomes more intense. Can really be recommended.

5 5 1
Naughty and entertaining

My boyfriend and I bring it up once in a while, we have changed the rules a bit, but get a lot out of it, we both think it is good for both partners, it requires that you understand in English but it is a simple and fun / naughty game. Can definitely recommend! Learn more

5 5 1
the game for those who love to mess with food

I can hardly recommend this game less. thought i would buy it due to the good reviews. could well see it was not quite a sex game but more a few games. after just 30 min we felt like the game was made by a guy who had no fantasy and afraid to write the names of the genitals. with bad stories that I have to use my drill to penetrate between hermountains and a longer story that she has to go for a walk on the beach on her "moped" and I as a man am that moped and my face is the seat. We got some of the worstof the cards we threw them straight out. here are some things to find in the "intimate" cards: -insert yogurt into her (it even says it should be healthy for her)-inset strawberries and whipped lube into her - insert 2 ice cubes into her and let them stay up there for 2 minutes. -insert a CLEAN MOBILE TELEPHONE into her and call it........ -put "jam" (the game is British) on his penis and lick it all up and spit it in his mouth. in addition, the game requires a lot of things to be prepared.-you have a lot of food lying around every time you hit the food field or have to do something with food. -that you both have to take some clothes off when you land on thestrip space (but under several cards you have to take all the clothes off to do something) and then put it on again. after just 3 rounds you have no more clothes and can stillhit the field plenty of times. -lots of liquids / alcohol / drinks for every time you hit the drink field. again it hits you probably quite a few times within are finished.all in all i would say stay far away unless your sex life is so bad and uninventive that anything new is better than just trying another position. Learn more

5 2 1

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