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MX Fighter Massager
MX Fighter Massager
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MX Fighter Massager

4.8 (5)
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Product Description

If you would like a vibrator that is extra powerful, then you should try the MX Fighter Massager. 

The MX Fighter is in fact among the most powerful vibrators found on the market, and it offers 2 very intense speeds to choose from for even greater pleasure.

Because the MX Fighter’s vibrations are so powerful, it can be used for both deep body massage and for clitoral stimulation. If you have reduced sensitivity and find it hard to reach orgasm, then the MX Fighter could be the perfect vibrator for you. 

An interchangeable massage head is included for varied stimulation, depending on what you're in the mood for.

Fighter MX Massager connects to your wall socket for play that lasts as long as you want it to.

After use, disconnect your MX Fighter and clean it with a damp cloth and sex toy cleaner. Note! The vibrator is not waterproof.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Quality plastic.
LENGTH, VIBRATOR: 10 inches.
WIDTH, MASSAGE HEAD: 3.5 inches.
BATTERY TYPE: None. Plug in direct to wall socket..
LENGTH, CABLE: Approx.2 meters
VIBRATION LEVELS: 2 (low and high).
SOUND LEVEL: Above average.
INTERFACE: 1 Multi button.
USER GUIDE: English.
VIBRATION INTENSITY: 5300-6200 pr/min.
MAY BE USED WITH: Water-based lubricant.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews (5)
Fantastic clitoral vibrator for ladies

My girlfriend LOVES Mx Fighter. When we use this together, with me inside her and she plays with her clitoris, she gets orgasms she has previously only been able to dream of. And a new favorite we have is that she's sitting on the Mx Fighter while she gives me fellatio. Lovely to see her face and eyes as she comes. It often happens that we come atthe same time. Can only say: FANTASTIC Best purchase I have ever made, and the girlfriend clearly feels the same way lol Learn more

5 5 1
Orgasm cannon

This massage wand is some of the wildest I have ever tried. Only minus is that there are some slightly large venting holes. And if you have a woman who likes to squirt a little, then you have to be careful to not short-circuit this one. So, you have to make sure that it does not short-circuit :) Learn more

5 5 1
Super duper

Mx Fighter Massager is absolutely perfect. We have never experienced anything like it. The vibrations are absolutely wild. It does its job perfectly. Orgasm guaranteed, but it makes a bit of noise, so be careful if you live in a place with thin walls. Learn more

5 5 1
World’s best

I have had my MX Fighter for 9 years. It is not cheap—but definitely worth all the money <3

5 5 1
MX Fighter Massager

my old one broke after 14 years, just ordering a new one. It makes me very happy

5 5 1

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