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Mystim Little John Electro Butt Plug
Mystim Little John Electro Butt Plug
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Mystim Little John Electro Butt Plug
Mystim Little John Electro Butt Plug
Mystim Little John Electro Butt Plug
Mystim Little John Electro Butt Plug

Mystim Little John Electro Butt Plug

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Product Description

The Mystim Little John Butt Plug is intended for use with an electro apparatus. When you connect it with an electro apparatus you get stimulated with electrical impulses.

Take note of the black stripe on the plug. In order for you to feel the electrical impulses, both the plus and minus sections (above and below the black line) must be in contact with your skin. You will not feel anything if your partner holds it at the base and inserts it in you. You will have to be in contact with the areas above and below the stripe, to be able to feel it.

Always be cautious at first with your Little John, as it gives off very strong electrical impulses.

Little John is produced from aluminium and can therefore provide targeted stimulation. The plugs round tip aids the ease of insertion, but we suggest to also inlcude a water-based lubricant for effortless insertion.

Because it is made from metal, it can be warmed up or cooled down in a water bath before use. Always test the temperature on the innerside of your arm, before inserting the plug anally.

The plug can connect with both Electro sets from Mystim, which you can find here in the Sinful.co.uk shop.

Note!  If you already have an electro apparatus, it needs to have a round plug entry, to be able to use it with this plug. You can, amongst others, use it with the Mystim Tension Lover Digital Electro Sex Apparatus and Mystim Pure Vibes Analogue Electro Sex apparatus.

If you already have the electro apparatus Rimba Digital Electro Sex Box (can be bought in the Sinful.co.uk shop), then you will need to purchase the adaptor "Adaptor Mystim Round-plug for a 2 mm female connector". To be able to use this apparatus with the plug.

Additional Information

LENGTH: 3.5 inches.
DIAMETER: 1.5 inch.
WEIGHT: 180 g.
MATERIAL: Aluminium.
PLUG: Round-plug.
APPROVAL: CE Approved.
COMPATIBLE: Mystim Pure Vibes Analogue Electro Sex Apparatus and the Mystim Tension Lover Digital Electro Sex Apparatus.

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Customer Reviews (1)
Wildly intense

A very, VERY intense experience! Really cool to be tied to the bed and my Master "enjoys" his slut. Also try to combine this with the "Othello vaginal". A + pole on this and a -pole on the vaginal (or vice versa), close your eyes (if not, as most like me know, you have leather blindfold on already!) And let yourself go with it,surrender. It is WILD, addictive and insanely therapeutic for a couple to give themselves time to each other in this way. REMEMBER to set aside enough time to give yourselfthe opportunity for an ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE as a couple. Two hours slip quickly for M and I ;-P Learn more

5 2 1

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