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Mystim Pubic Enemy No1
Mystim Pubic Enemy No1
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Mystim Pubic Enemy No1

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Product Description

The Mystim Pubic Enemy No1 is just the chastity device to buy if you would like to combine dominance play with electro sex. As the first on the market, Mystim created a chastity device that can give off electro electro stimulation for an even more intense and arousing experience.

With The Mystim Pubic Enemy No1, the wearer can be kept locked up for as long as the key holder wishes, who locks it with a metal padlock, and it is only the key holder who decides when it gets unlocked. The chastity device can be used as it would normally, but then it can connect to the Electro Apparatus if the wearer needs to be disciplined or punished.

The Mystim Pubic Enemy No1 er 3 inches deep and 1.5 inch wide internally. The back part can be adjusted from 5.5 - 6.5 inches in circumference.

Award winner: Mystim won an Erotixxx Award in 2013 for the years most innovative product range, based amongst others, Pubic Enemy No1. 

How to use your Mystim Pubic Enemy No1:
We recommend you start with applying a small amount of lubricant on the penis, to easily put the penis cage on. Make sure that the peins is not erect when putting it on.

Thereafter, open the black adjustable back piece, and place it at the penis root, behind the scrotum. Lock the back piece until you find the circumference that fits best and place the transparent locking piece while the black tip is facing inwards. This locks the circumference of the back piece.

Then you can close the cage around the penis and lock it in with the included metal padlock. You can adjust the distance between the back piece and the penis cage with the three included spacers, so that the Mystim Pubic Enemy No1 fits you best.

Connect the Mystim Pubic Enemy No1 directly to your electro apparatus with the apparatuses cables. We recommend that you always gradually increase the intensity on your electro apparatus, starting from the bottom.

The Mystim Pubic Enemy No1 Electro Chastity Device includes:
1 transparent electro penis cage, 1 adjustable back piece, 1 locking piece, which is 4 mm thick, 3 spacers, which are each 4 mm thick, 10 small name tags, 1 metal padlock with two keys, 5 single-use plastic padlocks, 1 beautiful black storage case, 2 lubricant samples of 2ml each and 1 instruction book.

Note! To be able to use the Mystim Pubic Enemy No1 for electro sex you need to use an electro apparatus such as, the Mystim Pure Vibes Analogue Electro Sex Apparatus, Mystim Tension Lover Digital Electro Sex Apparatus or the Rimba Digital Electrosex Box. Electro Apparatus is sold separately.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Hard plastic. 
THICKNESS, SPACER: 4 mm per piece.
COMPATIBLE WITH: Mystim Pure Vibes Analogue Electro Sex Apparatus, Mystim Tension Lover Digital Electro Sex Apparatus and Rimba Digital Electrosex Box.
CONTAINS: 1 penis cage, 1 adjustable back piece, 1 lock piece, 3 spacers, 10 name tages,1 metal padlock with 2 keys, 5 single-use plastic padlocks, 2 lubricant samples, 1 instruction books and 1 storage case.

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The ultimate submission

When you put on your Public Enemy No 1 and give the key to your partner, you need to be aware that you are not in control of things anymore. It takes some time to learn to put it on properly, and a smaller, better quality padlock than the one that it comes with is recommended. You can pee while wearing it, but it stings a little, so preferably wait.When connected to your MyStim, your partner gains 100% control over you, from gentle stimulation to relentless correcting. My Domina absolutely loves it and I have had manyhours of pleasure for the money. A must-have for all BDSMs Learn more

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