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Mystim Pubic Enemy No1 Chastity Device Silver
Mystim Pubic Enemy No1 Chastity Device Silver
Mystim Pubic Enemy No1 Sølv
Mystim Pubic Enemy No1 Sølv
Mystim Pubic Enemy No1 Sølv
Mystim Pubic Enemy No1 Sølv
Mystim Pubic Enemy No1 Sølv

Mystim Pubic Enemy No1 Chastity Device Silver


Product discontinued
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Product Description

Do you fantsise about an arousing and intense electrosex experience, that pushes you and holds you in the pleasurable pain, then the Mystim Pubic Enemy No1 is a must-have.

This chastity device stops you from having an erection, which at the same time feels painful, humiliating and extremely titillating. It can be used as it is, but it can also connect to an electro apparatus for an extra intense and kinky experience, where your dominant can discipline or punish you with an impulse.

This exclusive chastity device is a specially designed edition in silver, of the original Mystim Pubic Enemy No1, which is the worlds first electro chastity device. The penis cage is designed in a way that you can still urinate and ejaculate, when it is on. This makes it possible to wear it for long periods of time.

The Mystim Pubic Enemy No1 Silver Edition has an internal length of 3 inches and a diameter of 1.5 inch at the opening. The diameter of the back piece is adjustable from 1.5 inch to 2 inches. A cord is included to connect the penis cage and the electro apparatus. It all comes in a stylish storage case with a zipper, which contains 1 metal padlock and 5 plastic padlocks with individual nummers. 

Note! To be able to use the Mystic Pubic Enemy No1 for electrosex, you need to purchase an electro apparatus, such as the for eg. The Mystim Pure Vibes, Mystim Tension Lover or Rimba Digital Electrosex Box.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Hard plastic with silver coating.
- Internal length: 3 inches.
- Internal width: 1.5 inch (at opening)
- Diameter, back piece: 1.5 - 2 inches
- Spacer, thickness: 4 mm per spacer. 
- 1 penis cage
- 1 adjustable back piece
- 1 lock piece
- 3 spacer
- 1 metal padlock with two keys
- 5 single-use plastic padlocks
- 1 instruction book
- 1 storage box.
COMPATIBLE WITH: Mystim Pure Vibes, Mystim Tension Lover and Rimba Digital Electrosex Box.

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