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njoy Pure Steel Anal plug 2.0
njoy Pure Steel Anal plug 2.0
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njoy Pure Steel Anal plug 2.0
njoy Pure Steel Anal plug 2.0
njoy Pure Steel Anal plug 2.0
njoy Pure Steel Anal plug 2.0

njoy Pure Steel Anal plug 2.0

4.9 (5)
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Product Description

njoy Pure Plug 2.0 is a large heavy steel plug specially designed for anal stimulation. The plug is ideal for the experienced user.

It is easy to control and the handle makes it easy for both the user or partner to tilt it in massaging movements.

njoy Pure Plug 2.0 can handle being both warmed up and cooled down and the desired temperature will last a long time.

The plug is hand made of medically approved stainless steel and it is presented in a lined storage box. Take care of your njoy steel product and you will have it your whole life.

Clean Pure Plug 2.0 with water and mild soap.

Additional Information
MATERIAL: Medical Steel.
WATERPROOF: Yes, 100 %.
LENGTH: 3.5 inches.
WIDTH: < 2 inches.
WEIGHT: 600 grams
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Customer Reviews (5)
Good plug

Good quality and very well designed. After all, this plug has a bit of a price, but the quality and design have gone a very long way.

5 5 1
nice steel

a really cool thing to just walk around town without anyone noticing it :) really comfortable can really be recommended

5 5 1
Solid investment that suits many!

Recommend this plug to anyone who uses plugs in a medium size or larger and who wants to invest in a great plug! The plug is large, heavy and looks almost like a decorative object. It comes in a great packaging and really gives the feeling that it is a premium product. When it comes to size, there is no doubt that it is large and the feeling ofit filling you up is wonderfully good. Nevertheless, the dimensions should not scare those who are unsure whether the plug will be too large. It has a stated width of approx.5cm, but it is important to note that the head of the plug is oval. The plug feels pretty similar to a 4.5cm diameter plug when inserted, and I measured the circumference tobe 14.4cm which corresponds to a diameter of 4.6cm if it had been completely round. Therefore, I think this is a good choice if you want a large plug, or if you want to go upa size after using medium sized plugs. The fact that the plug is made of steel offers two major advantages. Firstly, the weight gives an incredibly nice feeling when you move,whether it is during sex or if you walk or run when used for a long time. The other advantage is that it maintains a good temperature, which means that it can be heated orcooled before use for an even more intense experience. Will also add that the plug fits well and despite the weight, I have never been afraid that it will fall out. The handleof this plug sets it apart from many plugs. The fact that the handle is so narrow means that it is almost not felt when it is in. It can be a little big if you sit andtherefore the plug is best suited if you do not sit much when used for a long time. A big advantage of the handle is that it makes it much easier to move the plug, both foryou or possibly your partner. The feeling such a large plug gives, whether it is pulled during sex or masturbating is absolutely incredible! One idea I have not tested is thatthe handle could possibly be used with ropes or handcuffs. In terms of negative elements, I think that the four "cuts" in the head of the plug are not needed, theextra weight would have been enough and the pits create a space to gather whatever might be around the plug. The combination of the weight of the plug and the handle makes itmore difficult to insert, especially if you have lube on your hands and handles. Despite the fact that this is a disadvantage, I would say it is a good compromise as I wouldnot change either the weight or the handle. I myself am incredibly happy with the purchase and think the plug is worth every penny. Seems to me that this will be a favoritefor several years and would recommend to anyone interested in buying this, you will probably not regret it! Learn more

5 5 1

It is big and heavy. Just the way I want it. Its super smooth surface and fit make it glide easily into place. It's the best plug I've tried.

5 5 1

That's the emotion it gives! Both when unpacked, but also when sitting up. It has a perfect fit and is far better than so many other plugs available.

5 5 1

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