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njoy Pure Steel Butt Plug Small
njoy Pure Steel Butt Plug Small
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njoy Pure Steel Butt Plug Small - TEST WINNER
njoy Pure Steel Butt Plug Small - TEST WINNER
njoy Pure Steel Butt Plug Small - TEST WINNER
njoy Pure Steel Butt Plug Small - TEST WINNER

njoy Pure Steel Butt Plug Small

4.6 (5)
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Product Description

njoy Pure Plug is a small steel plug specially designed for anal stimulation. The plug is ideal for a first-time user. It is easy to control and its round handle makes it easy for both the user or partner to tilt the plug in massaging movements.

The small Pure Plug can withstand both being warmed up and cooled down and it can hold on to your desired temperature fora long time. We recommend that you test the temperature of the inside of your forearm before you using the plug intimately.

The plug is hand made of medically approved stainless steel and it is packaged in a lined box.

Look after your njoy steel product, and you will have it your whole life. Clean your njoy Pure Plug with water and mild soap and avoid abrasives as it will lose its shiny smooth surface.

Best Anal Plug test winner.

Additional Information

MATERIAL: Medical Steel.
WATERPROOF: Yes, 100 %.
LENGTH: Pure Plug can lead 2.5 inches into
WIDTH: 1 inch. At the widest point
WEIGHT: 140 grams

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Customer Reviews (5)
From heavy to small

It is small, so you may dare to buy it even as your first plug, especially if you dream of moving with the plug outside home. Putting it in place is easy without much of a warm-up, and the sphincter muscles can contract around the narrow neck so that the plug stays securely and comfortably in place and does not start to irritate you. Forexample, you can use it as a pastime during your office day: while sitting, a light swing will be moving the plug comfortably, and every then and now you might feel like goingfor a walk. 140g of steel in the anus has a lot of feel like a silicone plug, with this I really like to use the stairs. In terms of size, this won’t probably reach up tothe prostate – for those who have one – and neither does it in any way help you hold off orgasms, but will rather keep you in a state of light arousal. I think I also geta similar one but bigger ... Learn more

5 5 1
User friendly beginner plug

If you are curious about beginner plugs and are obsessed with aesthetically designed toys, this is definitely a must. The size feels perfect for those who have not had time to explore so much anal play and definitely good for warming up. It sits very comfortably and does not chafe. LOVE that you can feel the weight and think they are so nice andcould easily imagine having them in front. It comes in a very nice box and I could definitely imagine it as a third-date gift! Or just as a way to liven up the sex. Well, justbuy it. You won’t regret it. Learn more

5 5 1
Too small...

My husband was very curious about how it would feel with an anal plug. This one is absolutely lovely in material and design, but unfortunately we regretted that we did not order the medium size at once. This one felt unnecessarily small, even for a total beginner. Learn more

5 4 1

I started anal training with my Dom 2-3 months ago. We tried a couple of different plugs in the beginning and this one was definitely the best! I love using this both for everyday use and during play. The material is fantastic and the quality is great. The shape of the plug makes it easy to insert for beginners, both due to the curved shape andthe smart handle. When the plug is twisted around inside you it feels amazing. I have come so far in my anal training that I now use the Large of the same brand and love it.The process from S, to M, to L has been painless and njoy is now definitely one of my favorite brands in the kink world. It’s a bit pricey, but this plug is worth everypenny! I recommend this plug to anyone I talk to who is interested in exploring anal sex. I have not come across a better plug! Learn more

5 5 1
Naughty and good plug

This one was purchased after trying several different plugs. What first and foremost works with this is the shape that makes it hit right where it should. In addition, it is important to me that a plug is easy to clean, which it also lives up to. Last but not least, it works really well that it is made of steel, it is easy to make hot or cold. Mywarmest recommendation. P.S. Have not tried it on the boyfriend, so the recommendation is 'only' as a man ;-) Learn more

5 5 1

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